Problem with the "ViewControls" property

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for disable the "?" button on the top right corner.
    I tryed to use the wpPropertyPanel but it doesn't work.
    I also try to set all the ViewControls option to false or true but this is always the same result. All controls are show.

    Have you an idea for my problem.



  • Hi,

    I'm upping my post because I still have this problem.
    I'm now using Delphi XE and wPDFView3.
    I try many solution to change the "ViewControls" in the Form.OnShow to but nothing works.

    Am I the only one who have this problem ?

    (In design mode? "WPViewPDF V3.0 - Engine not loaded" is write. Is that normal ?)


  • Hi,

    I'm having this very same problem with both C++Builder 5 and C++Builder XE. I've downloaded the last version of wpViewPdf (1 october 2011).

    I create the viewer in the OnCreate event of the form:
    WPViewPDF1= new TWPViewPDF(this);
    WPViewPDF1->Parent= this;
    WPViewPDF1->Align= alClient;

    Then in the OnShow event I set only horizontal scrollbar to appear:
    WPViewPDF1->ViewControls << wpHorzScrollBar;

    It doesn't work. All the controls appear. Besides, the vertical scrollbar does not resize according to the size of the document (it is not syncronized with the document).

    Just for the records, when I've moved the assignments to the OnCreate event they have worked OK, opposite to what it has been said before to set them in the OnShow event.
    In any case, this only works if I set only both horizontal and vertical scrollbars. If I set the navigation panel, or only the vertical scrollbar or other combination it doen not work properly.


  • I have just upgraded to version 3 (3.03.0) and am also having a lot of problems with the ViewControls property.

    For example, in the FormCreate or FormShow if I set ViewControls := [wpVertScrollBar,wpHorzScrollBar] then both scrollbars appear.

    However, if I set ViewControls to [wpViewPanel,wpVertScrollBar,wpHorzScrollBar] the vertical scrollbar disappears.

    If I set ViewControls to [wpViewPanel,wpNavigationPanel,wpVertScrollBar,wpHorzScrollBar] then the vertical scrollbar is now visible but now the horizontal scrollbar has disappeared.