WPTools 7 : What's New (now available for Delphi XE8!)

  • 24.10.2014 - WPTools 7.17
    - fix problem with repeated header tables rows
    - images larger than a page were painted distorted on screen - this has been improved
    + new option: wpDisableAutomaticImageAntialiasing with ViewOptionsEx

    21.9.2014 - WPTools 7.16
    + function TextWidth(resolution : Integer) : Integer
    + function TextHeight(resolution : Integer) : Integer;
    + using the global var WPSpecialCharacterAttrOrder : array[TWPSpecialCharacterAttrKind] of TWPSpecialCharacterAttrKind
    it is now possible to customize the order special attributes are applied to the text, i.e. to
    also hightlight fields inside of protected text do this:
    WPSpecialCharacterAttrOrder[wpInsertpoints] := wpProtectedText;
    WPSpecialCharacterAttrOrder[wpProtectedText] := wpInsertpoints;

  • There is a new release available, both as demo and as full version. The mail merge and edit field support has been improved a lot. Please also see the online manual:

    18.11.2014 - WPTools 7.20
    * the demo project "Demos\I) MailMerge\EditFields" has been updated.
    + new component TWPTextObjectClasses (see new chapter in this manual)
    + create drop down listbox for edit fields
    * enhanced component TWPMMDataProvider
    + FORMCHECKBOX fields: accept as positive value in Params: true, yes, T, 1 and
    as negative '', false, no, F, 0
    + TWPAbstractCharAttrInterface.AssignTo to assign character attributes to a Canvas.TFont
    + TWPTextObj.EmbeddedTextWidthAndLength(emTextWidth, emTextLength)
    + function TWPCustomRtfEdit.GetObjXYBottomlineScreen to calculate screen point
    + API InputTextFieldName got an additional optional parameter FieldParams
    + TWPMMInsertTextContents.Options now includes mmHandleFORMCHECKBOX to handle checkbox fields automatically
    + function TWPTextObj.GetContainedObject to read an object included in a field or link.
    + wpobjWithinProtected can be used for edit fields to allow focus but not change
    + event: OnEditFieldCheckInputString to check the data which is typed into an edit field
    + event: OnEditFieldFocus now trigged for cursor up/down to react on enter/leave
    - improvement to RTF reader to load switched off character style attributes
    - For FORMCHECKBOX fields the OnTextObjectGetText event is not triggered to avoid
    that the checkbox is not painted.
    + function InputParagraph now accepts optional count parameter
    + new property AutoEnablingControls - only the emebedded controls are disabled
    when the toolbar is disconnected
    + BeforeChange event
    - fix printing of background color with justified text
    - fix in function WPToolsRTFtoANSI