Text printing problem

  • Hi,

    Since I past in DXE4 with the last version of wPDF I have a problem when I print text in a PDF. It seem's that the font and the size are changed. It append when I make an export from WPTools or using wPDF to make my own PDF.
    I haven't the problem if i didn't activate wPDF_Plus and use "wPDF300A.dll" instead.

    I also see that the "wppdfRBDev.pas" unit is older in the last version of wPDF than before.


  • Hi,

    I missed that post. I cannot test Delphi XE4 right now since I am on the road, but I guess there was a small change which causes the effect.

    I did not see the effect with Delphi XE3 which I use most. I test Delphi XE4 when I am back next week.

    When you use the wPDF300A.dll you are excecuting non-unicode code. wPDF300A.dll is compiled with Delphi 2006.

    wppdfRBDev was mayby touched - I am not aware of a change.