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  • I use Delphi DX10.1 Berlin

    I have a field in a database, which is filled by a WPRichEdit by Client/Server application through a TText Stream.

    Now I need to build a mobile application that reads this mentioned field.
    Unfortunately the FMX library does not have a component for RichText, only a TMemo component.

    This component loads text, however, it displays with their RTF "Tags" formatting characters, Trying to find a solution In this scenario I reached two alternatives:

    First - Find a way to remove the RTF "tags" streams and display content over FMX memo.


    Second - Transforming TWPRichEdit RTF Tagas to the equivalent HTML Tags and display on a WebBorwser component.

    Is there a simple solution to one of the above two alternatives?

  • Ok but this solution above would work for average VCL application.

    I mean, I need retrieve data previouly recorded on Database and show it in a new Android APP made with Firemonkey there is no TWPRichedit for Firemonkey yet.

    Yes I can simple get it from stream from database easily but, it comes with all rtf formating.

    Maybe a way to strip RTF format from string stream would work or transorm such formating onto HTML to present on mobile.
    Thank you.