Tables in docs shift to new page when edit

  • Our customers have templates constructed by tables: A header-table, a vertical right for company information and one table for subject and text. The usual stuff. Sometimes the text-table span across one page. In the WPTools 6 changes to the header text works fine, but when upgrading to current version, the tables below immediately relocates to a new page instead of using up the free space on page one.

    What can I do?

    There's an example file I can ship.

    Previously used D2009 and WPTools 6, now it's Berlin and WPTools 7. Tried upgrading to newest versions of WPTools and WPdf (mine were 3 mth. old) to rule that out, resulting in a nonfunctioning IDE. I have always dreaded upgrading these two products - with good reason.

  • Hi,

    you can mail me that RTF file which behaves badly.

    Wehen you upgrade I recommend to simply install the upgrades over the current installed WP products. Then recompile the wptools package. wPDF should be linked with it - see file WPINC.INC.

    If you get a problem with IDE it is likely because of non matching packages.