Created ZUGFeRD - Invoice - PDF is not 100% correct (bug of wPDF?)

  • Hello,

    (wPDF, v.4.31, used as DCU, not as DLL + Delphi 6)

    Currently, I am programming the creation of ZUGFeRD invoices (it means that I attach ZUGFeRD-invoice.xml file to PDF/A-3 file).

    1) But the resulting PDF file is not accepted by both of ZUGFeRD validation portals that I know (one and two).
    The error of validation is: MIME-Type of attached file is empty.

    In the PDF-file created by wPDF (v.4.31), there are no MIME-Types!!! The Typ = 'text/xml' - parameter of the method .AddFileAttachment is ignored.

    2) Additionally, there is another unclear aspect: the result of .AddFileAttachment - call is always FALSE without OnError-Event

    Here are some links to the files in my Dropbox

    My Project
    - Position of missed "/Subtype" (=MIME) PDF-Tag in PDF-Source of created by wPDF file (.PNG)
    - Created ZUGFeRD invoice PDF-File (.PDF)
    - Validation - Report (.PDF)
    - My delphi project (Delphi 6) (.ZIP)
    - Attached ZUGFeRD XML-File (.XML)

    Example-Invoice from ZUGFeRD documentation. This PDF-File is correct.
    - PDF-Tags (.PNG)
    - Example PDF-File (.PDF)
    - Validation - Report (.PDF)