Event EditFieldFocus Shift - Tab

  • Hello i have a problem with this event.
    If i focus a field with the mouse - OK
    if i focus the next field with TAB - OK
    if i focus the prev field with SHIFT-TAG - InspName ist empty!

    What is wrong?

  • How do i get the actual EditField?

    And an additional question .- is it possible to define an InputField, that it is plain text?
    The user isn't allowed to insert an image, or change the font or style for some of the fields.
    Other fields are RTF fields.

  • The Editfields are just mail merge fields. Mail merge fields are areas in the text marked with a start and an end object.

    All text objects, also bookmarks, hyperlinks and so on can be read and searched with the universal "Code" functions.

    If you open WPCtrMemo look for

    // Support for codes

    You will find function OpenCodes and other functions incl. documentation.

    PS: The user can enter any text and, if your GUI allows it, also insert images. There is no further check in the current version.