Table in Table New Page

  • Hello
    I have a table in a table, because i need it to reprint the header of the first table on every page.

    If i now make a Page Break in the cell of the inner Table, (or press Ctrl-Enter) the whole inner Table starts on a new page.
    But i don't want this, i tried nearly every Keeptogether option i could find, but didn't get it working ....

    What i am missing?

  • Ok, now i try to build it into one tabel ... but i think i make something wrong :

    This is my test code, but the columns don't work as expected!

    (If it is possible to upload an image i can show it to you ... )
    the First column which should be 83 Twips (is about 8 cm) is larger than the second column which shouel be 580 Twips

  • Ok i found the proble,
    I had one Row with One cell without a ASet(WPAT_COLWIDTH*

    after setting all Columns a Width - it works how it should,

    Now i will check if the page break works as i need.

  • Quote from wpsupport

    I am sorry, Page breaks in an inner table are not supported, only in outer tables.

    The page break is always put in the outer table.

    And what are the correct settings, to get a page break inside a tabel row?
    For example if i press Ctrl-Enter.
    at the moemnt the whole TR is painted on the next page.

    [edit]I just noticed, if i write text, and therefore a new page is needed, it works fine, the new text is on the new page.
    If i hit Ctrl-Enter for forcing a new page - the whole tr is put on the new page.

  • Quote from wpsupport

    This is how it was implemented - while the focus routine can distribute the text on multiple pages there are no page breaks within a table cell.

    This mean i can only force a new page outside any table, if i am inside ONE Table, i can't force a new page?
    Is this correct?

    Ich kann innerhalb einer Tabelle, also nicht wenn ich zwei Tabellen inneinander verschachtle, mit Strg-Enter keinen Page Break erzeugen, der mir genau an der Stelle dann eine neue Seite erzeugt, es wird immer die gesamte Tablelen Row zusammengeahlten, und das lässt sich nicht ändern? Korrekt?