Document PDF export works poorly on some EMF images.

  • Hello,

    In a TWRichtext document, I integrated an EMF image.

    When I print this document on my printer, this image is correct.
    When I print this document to PDF Creator, my image is also correct.
    When I directly generate a PDF with WPDF, my image is degraded.

    I use the following code :

    TWPPDFExport *pdf = NULL;
    	pdf = new TWPPDFExport(NULL);
    	pdf->Source = reCourrier; //The TWPRichText
    	pdf->Filename = SaveDialog1->FileName; /

    I have not found an option to influence the export of EMFs in the pdf file. Is there a solution ?

    To help you, you can download this link: EDIT - download link removed -
    - EICF546.tmp.EMF: The file that I integrate with TWPRichEdit
    - WPDF Result.png: A screenshot of the PDF obtained with wPDF.

    Thank you for help.