Vertial Alignment on Table Cell

  • Hi,

    I have some problem trying to create a table with a cell aligned vertically on bottom.

    My table was created with sucess but my cell stay aligned on top.

    The code is:

    WPRichText1.TableAdd(2, 2, [wptblActivateBorders, wptblPlaceCursorInLastCell]);

    WPRichText1.CurrAttr.VertAlignment := paralVertBottom;

    WPRichText1.InputStringW('My Text Align Bottom');

    I'm using WPTools 8.00.8

    Can you help me?
    Thanks in advanced

  • With the code

    1. WPRichText1.TableAdd(2, 2, [wptblActivateBorders, wptblPlaceCursorInLastCell]);
    2. WPRichText1.CurrAttr.VertAlignment := paralVertBottom;
    3. WPRichText1.InputStringW('My Text Align Bottom');

    you will not see any vertical alignment. This can only work if the other cells in the table row have more visible lines than the cell which is aligned.