WPViewPDF - MakeImage (ImageEn plug-in)

  • I purchased the MakeImage plug-in for ImageEn in August 2017. I wonder if there has been any upgrade since then?

    The reason I ask is that I found some PDF files that are very strange to use with MakeImage and ImageEn.

    One of these files is a 6 page file, Black & White, only 127kb. When it loads in ImageEn, only the first page displays. The remaining pages are blank. I have another 2 page file that does not display either page.

    I was able to load the file into Adobe Reader and into Nuance PDF Converter Professional. Both display all 6 pages. Because the document contains some sensitive data, I tried to use PDF Converter to redact some data by using the Pencil tool to strike over it. The areas that I redacted now display in ImageEn, but the underlying image does not!

    PDF Converter has an "Optimize" feature. When I use that feature, then ImageEn is able to display all pages of the file. It is not clear what this feature does, but the file size grew to 274kb.

    The metadata says:

    Application = OmniPage CSDK 18

    PDF Producer = OmniPage 18

    PDF version 1.6

    The file does not appear to contain OCR'd text. PDF Converter pro is able to OCR both files. The files were scanned by OmniPage from bank statements.

    I wonder if OmniPage 18 produces an unusual PDF file that MakeImage can not process? Or, is there a recommended method of using MakeImage in ImageEn that will give the best compatibility?

  • I have found another situation where the MakeImage plug-in for ImageEn is not working correctly. I routinely print web invoices from Amazon via PrimoPDF to create PDF files. The result displays correctly in Adobe Reader and Nuance PDF Converter Pro. The display within ImageEn has many dropouts of letters so that the text is essentially unreadable. It looks like a random splatter of characters! I have a sample file I can upload to you, but see no means to do that.

    I have tried loading these files at different DPI, but this did not help. I tried creating PDF files with PrimpPDF at low, high, and very high resolutions. They all result in the same gibberish.

    I routinely use the PrimoPDF printer driver and it works fine with other websites but not with Amazon. But, since the other software successfully reads the results, that suggests there is something not going right with MakeImage.

  • Thank you. That did the trick.

    In my original effort to install the MakeImage plug-in for ImageEn, I didn't follow WPViewPDF4.PDF apparently. It turns out that help file claims I should use wPDFView04.dll but I do not have that DLL. I have instead wPDFViewMKIMG04.dll which appears to work. I hope you have updated WPViewPDF4.PDF for future users.