Double/Triple-Click not working.

  • Your reply confuses me.

    Double click/triple click works just fine in WPTool5, so now as I'm playing with WPTools 7 I can't get it to work with that version. Surely I'm just missing something. I can't believe this was not addressed the entire time WPT7 was current..


  • Seems like that would have affected my apps which uses WPTool5 as well but doesn't, However, I have to admit I changed the behavior of the Click procedure in WPTool5's WPCTRMemo (and was able to add a DblClick procedure) years ago since it would not work on tablets until I added the changes I made to it. I'll try to see if I can make the same changes to WPTools 7 since the changes have worked for me flawlessly for many many many years.

  • Solution found!

    I thought I had sent Julian my changes a while back and sure enough he has it under the TOUCHCODE conditional block. Nice!

    After a couple of tweaks due to D2007 to Delphi Berlin convention differences not made to that code and adding a missing line in WPCTRMemo.Pas, I added the {$DEFINE TOUCHCODE} to the WPINC.INC file and rebuilt WPTools 7. Now double, triple and quadruple clicking works again in WPTools 7.

    If anyone needs this fix and has trouble getting WPTools 7 to build after defining TOUCHCODE, let me know and I'll post additional details.

  • Hi,

    I know, it's a little late, but when starting using Windows 10 I've got exactly the same problem with double clicks. After adding {$DEFINE TOUCHCODE} I get a lot of error messages when compiling. (E2003 undeclared identifier DblClick, and lots of related errors) Could you please tell me, how you solved this in detail?

    Thanks in advance and best regards


  • I'm on v9 now, but luckily I found my v7 in my Recycle Bin. So if you are still using WPTools 7 and you added the define mentioned above, you do get compile errors as I mentioned a while back. You can add the following to WPTools 7 to fix the compile errors:

    Line 2736, after the line:

    procedure Click; override;

    add this line:

    1. procedure DBlClick; override;

    in this procedure around line 11770:

    procedure TWPCustomRtfEdit.Click;

    Add a conditional around this line:

    vMsg: Windows.TMsg;

    to make it look like this:

    1. {$IFDEF DELPHIXE}vMsg: WinAPI.Windows.TMsg;
    2. {$ELSE}vMsg: Windows.TMsg; {$ENDIF}

    That should get v7 to compile I believe, and get you back the double/triple click.