Images not transparent in PDF export

  • Hi

    I have a WP tools document (v7.33.1) with pictures (embedded or through Insertpoints). These pictures are transparent (PNG). In the WPTools editor, this seems fine (I have a background image that sees through the image). But when I export my document to PDF using wPDF the images are not transparent anymore and get a white background covering my background, creating ugly white blocks.

    Because I need further processing of the canvas after each page is drawn, I cannot use the TWPPdfExport component. So I use this code to draw the pages on the wPDF canvas:

    The PDFCreator is a wrapper around the wPDF component. The code inside the PDFCreator component looks like this:

  • In WPObj_Image there should be code inside of the IFDEF EMBEDD_PNGJPG

    It makes sure that a PNG is embedded instead of painted to the Canvas which will always destroy the transparency. This requires wPDF V4.

    Please place a breakpoint there to find out why the code is not executed when you are inside BodyText.PaintPageOnCanvas. I assume this has to do with $DEFINES.