Image z-order

  • I am migrating our app from WPTools5 to WPTools7 (possibly v8 soon after), and an issue came up with v5 so it might apply to v7.

    We have the need to have a table cell contain an image set to be positioned as a character and not behind text (this part is a requirement and cannot change since we size the image to fit a table cell that defines the placement on the page). We also need to be able to partially overlap that image with an image positioned relative to a paragraph (or relative to the page I guess which is an option, but paragraph is preferred). However, the relative positioned image always appears behind the image in the table. Is there a way to either change the z-order of the relative positioned image, or somehow make it so relative positioned images are painted last so it is above other images. We do have the Pro version if it requires a code tweak. I understand v5 has long been unsupported, but if v7 can or already supports this, perhaps I can tweak the v5 code based on how v7 could or already does it.


  • Right, that flag is not being set. However, I did notice that in v5, if two images are anchored to the same paragraph, the last one moved ends up behind the other, but in the v8 demo (and a comment in the v6 history) that the z-order is no longer changed when moving an image, unlike in v5. I think it might have been fine if in v5 the last moved image ends up in front rather than behind the other image. So it seems like something is dictating which image ends up in front, I just can't find what that is.

    Anyway, is this z-order something that is feasible to be added in v8 so that a relative position image not set to be behind text will be on top of an "as character" image?

  • Will I ever be able to do this, where the house is an image in a table cell (as character) and the overlapped image is a floating image? Currently the floating image always ends up behind the house image. For my needs, I cannot make the house a floating image under text even though that would work. Not a huge deal but would be nice to have this ability. We don't get a lot of requests for this, but we try to please everyone if possible ;)

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