WPRichText rendering errors in content related to punctuation, extra spaces or missing spaces, bullets, etc.

  • Hi,

    We are maintaining delphi desktop application which uses most of the wptools components displaying and printing but we are some issue like:

    • no space
    • extra space
    • punctuation error - comma instead of period, etc.
    • page break error - break after section header instead of before
    • bullets not rendering as bullets and instead as punctuation or other

    We get content(documents) from different application they are fine in XML and RTF formats.

    We have custom delphi application which converts from XML to WPT format and stores in database. Here also content looks good.

    Our main application then loads the required document when required and displayed using WPRichText, MailMerge etc.

    Here, the above mentioned issues are coming.

    Please let us know if there is any solution.


    You is shown as Y ou

    electrical is shown with el ectrical



  • Hi,

    Tried to load the wpt format as stream but there is no change.

    Following code changes:

    1. Loading from database into string.

    2. Converting string into memory stream using "StringToMemoryStream"

    3. Then loading into wprichtext - wprichtext.LoadFromStream(mstream);

    Let me know if i need to follow any other method.