EditBoxModes [wpemLimitTextWidth, wpemLimitTextHeight]

  • In old version of wptools in a WPRichText control

    i set editboxmodes as bellow

    EditBoxModes := [wpemLimitTextWidth,wpemLimitTextHeight];

    and i could't write outside control (text was limit to control height)

    now this don't works

    i also see demo

    textpath (TextP)

    but it don't work also

    can someone please help how can i limit text edit in wprichtext control ?

    Thanks in advanced

  • Hello again,

    I download latest version with bug fix -AllowMultiView was not working.

    I run again TextPath demo to see how

    [wpemLimitTextWidth,wpemLimitTextHeight] works

    but see the behavior when you have focus to last WPRichText4 control

    when you reach the end of the control the cursor loses, you continue and you write without seeing what ...

    it has a very strange behavior. normally in the last control it should stop writing and the cursor should not be lost.

    Thanks in advanced..

  • It was not developed to make it stop. That is actually very problematic to do and and has bad sideffects. Think of text you enter at the start, that pushes the text down to the end. If there would be a limit you could not add text, even if the last lines are empty.

    The publishing tools I know will just show a + sign at the end, but they do not restrict editing.

  • Ok i understand but in you old version of wptools

    [wpemLimitTextWidth,wpemLimitTextHeight] works fine

    with other way in your code not with TWPRTFStorage ..

    I use this functionality in many projects

    but now i can have the same thing.. Is there any other way to accompish this?

    can this accompish with TextBox object ??

    Thanks in advanced.

  • The functionality of wpemLimitTextHeight has been changed in 2004 when moving to the new architecture (WPTools Version 5). It now just adjusts the page height to the window height which practically means any overflowing text goes to a last, invisible page.

    TextObjects work very similar, they do not support text flow in 9.1.

    The total count of pages can be found in


    This may help you to signal the user the overflow.