Deleting all text even deletes protected text

  • I use the setting ppProtectSelectedTextToo which works as long as all the text is not selected. For example, if I select most of the text including some protected text, using the DEL key does not do anything other than unselecting the selected text. However, if I select all text, such as with Ctrl+A, and hit the DEL key, all the text is deleted. Is there any way to stop that behavior since it ends up deleting protected text?

  • Thanks, that would be perfect as I can see it being useful to be able to be switched on/off by an application. The reason we need it is that an owner of a company creates templates that employees use, and they are not allowed to modify parts of a template (or unlock that locked text). Being able to remove all the text in a template kind of defeats the purpose of locked areas of a template, so we needed a way for owners to prevent an employee from being able to do delete all text and freely put in what they wanted and remove what they didn't.