Hyperlinks in ReportBuilder ppWPRichText not exporting to PDF

  • Julian,

    Delphi 7 update 2


    wPDF4_PRO_InternetLicense_v4.77.2 (have {.$DEFINE INTWPSWITCH} off as instructed, so dll is not needed)

    ReportBuilder Enterprise Edition version 15.05 Build 275

    I think since I updated to WPTools 7 / I've not been getting hyperlinks when exporting reports to pdf (with wpdf, of course). The hyperlinks ar the right color and undelined, but do nothing in the pdf.

    I still have old exe's using WPTools 6 wpdf3, Report Builder 7.2, and the hyperlinks export just fine using those versions.

    Is there some compiler switch I need to change, or something I've forgotten?


  • I see that mode mentioned and was commented out in 2 procedures in my ppWPTools unit.....

    EDIT - I removed that code because as noted in the header of that file, this Sourcecode may not be published!

  • The code you posted (I deleted it) paints the designtime control.

    Since you have the PRO version you can look in my code for the flag and check if the flag arrives when you export to PDF. You just need a break point at the start of the export.

    Wptools 7 is also outdated.