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    How can i set an Edit or MergeField with a RTF Test?

    I insert the mergeField into a paragraph with

    fieldo := lastCell.AppendNewObjectPair(wpobjMergeField, 'x');

    Setting it to a normal text works with
    fieldo.EmbeddedText := 'NewText';
    but how can i set it to a rtf text, or insert a new TParagraph into the TWPTextObj so that the StartTag and EndTag works ...?

    Tried many things but nothing works.

    Hello i have an other problem - don't know how to handle it - sometime really rare, i get very big data in the WPTools Data
    mostly in the Stylesheet for the numberstyle - the WPData is 60-300MB big wasted with strange data ....
    Openingthe data works, saving the data works - the strange data remains still after load and save.

    Can you point me in the right direction from where the wrong data comes?

    <!WPTools_Format V=700/>
    <GlobalPageFormat wpcss="landscape:0;paperw:11906;paperh:16838;margr:1880;margl:1880;margt:1440;margb:1440;marg_header:720;marg_footer:720;deftabstop:720;marginmirror:0;"/><StandardFont wpcss="CharFont:'Arial';CharFontSize:1100;"/>
    <numberstyles><nstyle id=185 wpsty=[[NumberMode:24;NumberINDENT:360;CharFont:'Wingdings 2';NumberTEXTB:'ÃÃâ€&nsp;’Ãâ€&amp;nsp;’Ãâ€&amp;nsp;’ÃÃâ€&nsp;’â€&amp;nsp;’ÃÃâ€&nsp;’Ãâ€&amp;nsp;’â€&amp;nsp;ÃÃâ€&nsp;’¢â‚¬ÃÆâ€

    Yes i did set stretch for the parent Band - the reports worked well all the time before - the only thing I changed was WPEdit ...

    Now i plan to update ReportBuilder to the actual 17version - and will test it again.

    How should i send you the example - the compiled EXE File?

    No Report Builder 15 i use for a longer time.
    I just changed WPTools from v6 to v7 (and useing the new wpPDF and wpPDFViewer - but don't think that these are the problem)

    With WPTools 6.10 all worked fined but after change to v7 i got the response that the printed sheet isn't printed well (it is only a part of the page)
    After some investigation i checked that it seems that the "STRETCH" property didn't work as expected.

    BUT ONLY if i print it direct to the printer! (real printer, or XPS Printer, or PDF PRinter - none of them works)
    The Preview and the internal PDF Export works WELL!!

    Where can i look for this problem?

    How can i get the width and Height of an specific RTF or HTML Text?

    I treid following

    Result.Right    := fWPTLabel.PaintPageWidth[0];
        Result.Bottom   := fWPTLabel.PaintPageHeight[0];
        Result.Right    := fWPTLabel.Memo.Textwidth;
        Result.Bottom   := fWPTLabel.Memo.TextHeight;

    but none of them is the correct size what the RTFLabel need place for the text ...
    I tried several recalculation (DPI 1440 and CurrentXPixelsPerInch) but nothing seems to work.

    Anybode some ideas?


    I would like to paint the RTF Text on a canvas (i would like to use it for drawing a hint window)
    Therefor my task is to generate a TRTFLAbel dynamically and get the width/height from it and paint it on a canvas

    I treid a WPTMemo but this didn't give me the correct width/height and so

    and a RTFLAbel i can't create dynamically (no otpion for that)

    has someone made this allready and can point me to the right direction?

    Hmm it should like the Internet Explorer or co .... the width should be dynamicalle set to the available width - very large is not what i would like ...

    Maybe i can set the page width every team i resize the panel ... but i thought there should be an elegant way for this.

    How is it possible, to show a document without the oagewidth property?
    I would like, that the text is wraped at the right border of the editor like in IE or Firefox.

    I tried all LayoutModes, but nothing worked.

    For example if i generate a document with <table width="100%> the resulting table should be over the whole editor size
    And it should be neccessary for scrolling (maybe it would be nice to enter a minimal width)

    How can i forbidd, that the user uses other styles than i have allready filled into the document?

    The styles combobox i can clear and fill by my code, to prevent the user from adding new styles, or changes existing styles.

    But how can i prevent that the user copy & paste a new style into the document?

    thanks for the additional help, but it still will not work :(

    I think i have found why it doesn't work, but don't know how to fix ...

    I have replaced the Mailmerge with your @INSERT@ method, after this the document seems to be ok.

    But if i merge the two documents (After the mail merge) together with the AppendParCopy function
    The resulting document is missing the "numberstyles" section
    And therefore the numbering is wrong.[/code]

    ..... habs nun statt AppendParCopy, einfach ein Finder.ToEnd; und dann LoadFromString gemacht, nun passt es ....

    Danke für die Hinweise ...

    I changed my code so that all editors now use the event.

    But i think the problem is the mailmerge, not the merging of two editors ....

    I have a big WPT Text (a document) which i mailmerge into an other document.

    Can the mailmerge handle whole WPT Document to be inserted?

    i tried following :

    But still no formating ...

    If i select text, and assign this text BOLD and a font size

    And after this, i select a style with other font styles - the new text should use the font size from the style or?