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WPTools is a complete WYSIWYG word processing control which does not add a huge overhead to your program. It loads and saves RTF, HTML, text and its own native format. DocX import and export functionality is available as an add-on. This component supports editable headers and footers in its page layout mode. Zooming, split-screen, tables – including the possibility of page breaks inside table rows – and a powerful concept with a CSS-like paragraph style are supported by the modern architecture.

Now you can use WPTools in Your FireMonkey application and have access to a true word processor which is also fast when editing very large texts.

WPTools FMX is based on the latest edition of the WPTools 9 VCL with its huge user base. This means the base code is stable and well tested. WPTools natively supports its own WPT format, RTF, HTML and optionally DocX.

Currently this platforms are supported: Win32, Win64 and OSX32.

Since it is based on the WPTools VCL, the interface code is mostly compatible. So You can use Your document creation or mail merge code with WPTools FMX just as You would with the VCL edition.

We did not convert the dialogs 1:1 since we wanted to create new dialogs which adapt to change of the form width. Also redundant components have not been converted.

WPTools FMX can be installed at the same time as the VCL edition. All units use the prefix “FMX.” to make them unique. The setup will not modify the Delphi installation such as adding packages or modify the search path.

First select Delphi IDE you intend to use:Then click to:    End-User/Developer License Agreement (EULA)

Instructions for installation and uninstallation

Installation: Download the software and run the installer. The installation program will guide you through all the necessary steps.

Uninstall: Access the Windows Control Panel from the Windows start menu. Click Programs and Features and select “WPTools FMX Demo …” from the program list. Then click Uninstall. The software will now automatically be removed from your computer. If you have installed the component into Delphi, you will need to remove the package manually within the Delphi IDE.

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