TextDynamic License
TextDynamic is copyrighed by WPCubed GmbH, all righs reserved.
Demo Version:
This demo may only be used to evaluate the WPTextDynamic for 60 days. No files  may  be  distributed and it may not be used in conjunction with the registered version. The demo works for 45 days.
The included button images are copyrighted. Only licensed developers may use this images in combination with the TextDynamic GUI definition file.
Any liability of the seller will be exclusively limited to replacement of  the  product  or  refund  of  purchase price unless the damage was caused  by  gross  negligence  or wrongful intent of the manufacturer. The PDF engine uses  the  public zlib, jpeg and RC4 routines. It also uses
the LZW de/compression algorithm.
You can purchase this License: (http://www.wpcubed.com/order/)
The will enable you to use the TextDynamic technology in all your products and distribute it to your customers without paying any royalties under the following restrictions:
You may not distribute any of the source files or use the technology in a module (DLL, VCL, ActiveX, COM ...) which can by used by other developers in any kind of programming language or developing environment or which can be embedded into other programs. (no modules)
If you create a module (such as a "user control") for inhouse use, all developers who use this module must have a TextDynamic license as well. This includes web-site developers as well.
For server side use you need the server license (option).
For PDF creation you need to the PDF license (option).
For spellcheck you need the optional spellcheck license.
Reporting requires the optional reporting license.
It is prohibited to use our technology in universal PDF creation tools such as virtual printer drivers. (no printer drivers)
You may not use TextDynamic in a tool which is mainly designed to manipulate (split, merge, stamp) PDF files. (no PDF tools)
You may not develop a stand alone tool to create bitmap or meta-files from RTF or HTML files, such as a command line RTF2BMP tool. (no generic graphic extraction tools)
The distribution license is included free - if all involved developers are licensed. (So please get a development license for each of your developers or save money with the TEAM or SITE licenses)
The distribution right is void if any of the restrictions above is violated.
WPCubed GmbH
St. Ingbert Str. 30
81541 Munich