License Agreement, wPDF Version 4 Demo
Copyright by WPCubed GmbH, all rights reserved
The Demo may not be distributed with your application. It may only be used for 45 days. After this time please remove the software or accuire a wPDF license.
The software supplied may be used by one person on as many computer systems as that person uses. Group programming projects making use of this software must purchase a copy of the software for each member of the group. Contact Julian Ziersch for volume discounts and site licensing agreements.
The SITE License is valid for any number of developers who work within one company network within one building. Their number should not exceed 20 - otherwise you need the corporate license. We also sell a TEAM license for up to 6 developers.
This documentation and the VCL are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or suitability for a particular purpose.
The user assumes the entire risk of any damage caused by this software. In no event shall Julian Ziersch or WPCubed GmbH be liable for damage of any kind, loss of data, loss of profits, interruption of business or other pecuniary losses arising directly or indirectly from the use of the program.
Any liability of the seller will be exclusively limited to replacement of the product or refund of purchase price.
wPDF uses the public zlib, jpeg and RC4 routines. LZW is not used, neither are GPL licensed libraries such as "freetype".
*** wPDF Standard License (purchased license) ***
The distribution license requires:
If wPDF is used in a project which is developed by a group of developers, ALL members of this group must have a wPDF development license - so please consider the TEAM or SITE license.
This License enables you to use the wPDF technology in all your products and distribute it to your customers without the need to pay any royalties.
Important: You may not distribute any Pascal source or object files or use the technology in a module (VCL, ActiveX, COM ...) which can by used by other developers in any kind of programming language or developing environment or which can be embedded into other programs.
This also prohibits the use the wPDF technology in universal PDF creation tools like virtual printer driver. wPDF may only be used to create PDF files from the data processed by the same application or
application environment. Unless you have purchased the server license you may not use the wPDF technology in any programs (services, CGIs, ActiveServers ...) which will work on Internet servers to create PDF files to be distributed over the WEB.
Into the "Producer" entry of the PDF file properties always "wPDF4 by WPCubed GmbH" will be written to the created PDF file. (Note: the registered version does *not* print a watermark or show an info/nag-screen)
*** wPDF Server License PRO ***
In Addition to the standard license you may also use the wPDF technology in any programs (services, CGIs, ActiveServers ...) which will work on Internet server to create PDF files to be distributed over the WEB. If you purchase the server license you also get the DCUs (for Delphi 5,6,7, 2005, 2006, 2009,2010,XE,XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5,XE6,XE7,XE8) to compile an application which does not required the PDF-Engine DLL - this avoids threading issues.
*** wPDF Sourcecode License ***
In addition to the two licenses above this agreement applies to the "wPDF Version 4 SourceCode":
The source code cannot be purchased or licensed by companies who produce and/or sell PDF printer driver or PDF or RTF libraries for any programming language! Please contact us before paying for a source code license.
After purchase wpCubed GmbH supplies the source code of wPDF Version 4 PDF Creation. The source makes it possible to compile the PDF-Engine right into an application and debug the PDF conversion. The source code is provided mainly to give companies the security of having access to the full source to the tools they are using.
The source code includes the algorithms to create PDF files, the same code our product "wPDF Standard" uses except for the DLL interface part. That is not required since the wPDFPrinter will use the PDF Engine directly.
The source code does not include any PDF reading algorithms.
The PDF-Engine source may be only visible to one person within the company who purchased it. In case of the Source "SITE" License it may not leave the main company buildings network. (For example it may not be sent to offshore/freelance programmers) Distribution of the source in this or any other way invalidates the license immediately. The provided DLL version may be sent to freelance developers to work on the development of a product.
The use of the PDF engine is licensed under the following restrictions:
The part of the PDF Engine which writes the 'Creator' info may *not* be changed. Created PDF files must contain "wPDF3 by WPCubed GmbH" as "producer" unless you negotiated a different agreement with WPCubed GmbH.
wPDF or any parts of it (neither DLL nor Sourcecode) may not be part of a printer driver product or any kind of development software, such as DLL, OCX, ActiveX or VCL.
The source code or parts of it many may not be used in any kind of PDF *viewer* application or component.
The Source code or parts may not be used in any stand alone tool which converts RTF or Word tools to PDF. Server applications (built with the Internet Server License) are not affected by this limitation.
The products which use the wPDF Engine *must* give WPCubed GmbH credit in "about box" and/or manual. Other royalties do NOT apply. The distribution within the application EXE is royalty free - if the above limitations are respected.