Problem with Report Builder

  • Hi, i have two problems with Report Builder
    1.) If i use WPTools in Report Builder, i get Memory Leaks (Replacing it with a Memo, no memory leaks)
    2.) If i use Stretch (Dehnen) i didn't see the last line of text.
    (for example if is have only one line with text and a image, i can only see the image) if i insert an additional line break i can see all.

  • 2.) it has nothing to do with the image, the last line isn't printed (it looks like the Height is one pixel to small)
    I will download (and install) the newest version (v5.17.2 is my actual version) and will write my results with the new version.

  • The memory leaks now are OK.
    But the bug with not printing the last line is still here (Editor v5.17.4+Premium) RB newest.

    I use a new Report, place a WPTools(Richtext) component. Edit the Text (only enter Test1<Linebreak>Test2 -> Exit)
    In the preview all works perfect
    -> Select Stretch ("Dehnen") -> now i can see only Test1 (The second (last) line is hidden)