Drag and Drop - field to big

  • When I drag and drop a field from a dataset onto a label the fields is created fot 8.5" wide rather than sized for the label. I tested this in your provided example app (with my dataset) as well.

    How do I make the with of the field work with the lable size?
    How do I change the auto width function to make correctly sized fields?

    I know this WpForm is a rather old but I just need some directiion.

    Delphi 7 + WpForm


  • I just tried this with some luck...

    s := WPFObjectInspector1.Nodes.Selected.text;
    obj := WPFE.InsertField(s, x, y);

    // It works but why? What are these params?
    TWPFGGraphicText(obj).AutoSize(4,1,5); // <<<<<