Wordpad 5 demo

  • Hello,

    I am trying to get the translation to work in the Wordpad 5 demo.

    I tried with WPtool5 in D2007 and it mostly works (although the menus do not get translated),

    but with Wptools6/D2010 no matter how I try to get the translation to work, it does not. I can see the right routines being called, but the dialog forms always appear in English, no matter which langiage I select.

    I surely must have missed on step when setting up WPtools6, but I cannot see which one. can you help?


  • Julian,

    Sorry it took a bit longer than anticipated to answer you, but we had to evacuate the building because of a gas leak in the basement ....). Anyway,

    I added {$DEFINE VER200} just before the {$I WPINC.INC}

    It now sort of works : when selecting the FR language the following happens

    the File menu stays in English,
    the Edit menu is mostly in French bar the DELETE and SELECT (although it's submenu gets translated)
    All other menus stay in English EXCEPT for the submenus (Insert/select and DELETE) in the table menu;

    Common dialogs remain in English (font, paragraph, border, numbers) except for the window caption which is translated.

    I also tried to select German, in case there was an allergy to French :) and the same happens

    What can I do ? I am supposed to deliver an app on Tuesday, so I'll have to manually translate the dialogs, I guess, but this is not the preferred option.


  • Julian,

    I must be daft, but I tried in D2010 and it does not change what I am seeing. Here is what I did, it could be wrong:

    I went to Project Options/Delphi Compiler/condifitonal defines and added VER200; rebuild the project and I am still the same issue