• WPViewPDF is a component that allows you to load one or multiple PDF files and to display or print it/them as one.

    It is possible to export pages as bitmaps (PNG, JPEG) or as text. It is possible to add drawings which will be displayed and printed on top of the original data. The drawing objects can be moved and sized by the programmer in code or by the user in the end product.

    With WPViewPDF PLUS you can also add graphics and images to the PDF data (stamp PDF). It is possible to combine several PDF files into one new file (merge PDF). It is also possible to save selected pages (extract pages) or delete certain pages. It is possible to change field data, for example to merge data to fill out forms.

    Version 3 is the result of extensive work. The logic required to load, render and manipulate PDF data was completely reinvented to create this new version. It makes use of clever and effective caching for quick response times. It also makes use of multithreading for better user interaction.

    The PrintHDC method was revised and, as a result, printing to any Windows device is now much easier and produces a higher quality printout.

    The multithreaded scrolling viewer can quickly change between zoom states and various layout modes, including multi-column display and side-by-side page layout. It can also display a _separate thumbnail view_ to the PDF.

    Version 3 PLUS introduces a new stamping method which allows it to place objects or highlighting rectangles on the page. This objects can be moved and sized by the user. The scripted stamping was also implemented because it facilitates the addition of titles or page numbers to a range of pages.

    Pages can be selected and dragged to a new location.

    Text extraction can now also create text in rich text format (RTF) - here the logic makes use of PDF tags to keep text together which belongs together.

    PDF features supported:
    - support for embedded Type3 fonts
    - separation color space (Type 0, 2 and 4)
    - LAB color space
    - DeviceN color space
    - encrypted PDFs
    - PDFs with compressed XREF tables
    - better support for JPEG format (YAAC)
    - better annotation support
    - new: includes 64 bit engine
    - new: includes JBIG2 decoder
    - Improved support for PDF forms
    - Add and modify PDF outlines

    With WPViewPDF you get a VCL, an ActiveX and a .NET component in one reasonably priced package. It is updated regularly and, since it is based on a DLL, updating works effectively and a new build of your application is not necessary.

    The Demo Setup can be downloaded here:
    This setup contains the DLL and the VCL for Delphi and sample projects.

    Julian Ziersch
    WPCubed GmbH