WPViewPDF in MDI Style application

  • If you have a WPViewPDF control on a child unit the recommended way is to load the WPViewPDF engine from the main form, i.e. with this code:

    1. {$I PDFLicense.INC}// please add "WPViewPDF3" to uses clauseprocedure TViewMain.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);var viewerdll : String;begin {$IFDEF WIN64} viewerdll := ExtractFilePath( Application.ExeName ) + WPViewPDF_DLLName64; {$ELSE} viewerdll := ExtractFilePath( Application.ExeName ) + WPViewPDF_DLLName; {$ENDIF} if not WPViewPDFLoadDLL( viewerdll, true) then begin ShowMessage('PDF Viewing is not available'); SelectPDFFile.Enabled := false; end;end;

    The childform with the viewer can then be created with a few lines of code:

    Note: Assigning a different name to WPViewPDF1.DLLName can be problematic, if the DLL was already loaded automatically.