Encryption Flags incoherent

  • I am using Borland C++ XE5 to set up a printing tool.
    The goal is to allow printing, copying and comments, but not content editing.
    Because I found no Encryption flag for text enhancements (highlighting/commenting), I started testing combinations of flags to figure out if there is one that does the trick.
    During my experiments I found that using wpEnableCopying or wpEnableFormFieldFillIn enables printing for my setup, but not copying or editing.
    To allow copying, but neither printing nor editing, I need to specify wpEnablePrinting and wpEnableAccessibilityOp.
    If I specify wpEnablePrinting only, none of the above is possible.
    Is there something wrong with my library or is there an incompatibility between wPDF4 and Adobe Acrobat XI?

    Also, does anybody know a way to specify the settings mentioned above? I have tested around 120 of the 512 possible flag combinations and am getting a little tired of the brute force approach (change flags, rebuild, run, verify, note, repeat).