WPTools 8 Update History

  • This is an important update to WPTools 8. It improves rendering, formatting and also the API was extended.

    This is the list of changes:

    *** WPTools 8.05.2 - 6.7.2018 ***

    - SelText ignored #10 characters.

    - UNICODE reader ignored #10 characters

    + improvement within speech recognition interaction code.

    Please note: To enable the interface the property HandleRichEditMsg must be set to TRUE

    * text selection is not highlighting additional area when vertical text alignment is being used.

    *** WPTools 8.05.1 - 14.6.2018 ***

    + event AfterPaintDesktopBackground - makes it easy to paint custom borders around the TWPRichText

    - fix incorrect page length calculation when table borders were used.

    - ReplaceTokens sets Finder.DontIgnoreObjects temporarily to true, to avoid miscalculations with token position.

    This fixes the problem that if a token was preceeded by a hyperlink the hyperlink got corrupted.

    - fix in function TWPTextFinder.FindAgain to avoid wrong found start position

    * OnTextObjectClick will not be executed after a textbox object has been first selected

    + flag wpDontCopyCellSubParagaraphs for TParagraph.Duplicate

    * updated reference: WPTools_8_Reference.chm

    *** WPTools BETA - 11.6.2018 ***

    + the RTF reader will assign the style name style-XX in case it detects an empty style name.

    + use compiler symbol CLEAN_STYLE_NAMES to activate code in RTF reader to clean non-ASCII characters from styles names if style names longer than 256 characters.

    *** WPTools BETA - 6.6.2018 ***

    + new demo project: H) Techniques\CustomParDraw

    + new demo project: P) Premium\TextBox

    + ViewOptionsEx: wpShowImagesLinkedByHeader - display linked images and text boxes even when invisible due to Layoutmode

    *** WPTools 8.05.0 BETA - 5.6.2018 ***

    This version is also the code basis for our upcoming product: WPTools for Firemonkey.

    Many refactorings were required to make crosscompiling possible, therefor

    we decided to mark 8.05.0 as "beta". There are many IFDEF WPFMX in the code, however

    you cannot activate this compiler symbol since it is neither technically nor legally

    possible to compile this WPTools editon for other platforms than VCL. If you are

    interested in FireMonkey development please let us know: supportwptools.de.

    * WPWordDelimiterArray['X'] := TRUE;

    has to be changed to WPWordDelimiterArraySet('X', TRUE);

    * text boxes in header were empty if header was visible on multiple pages

    + load watermarks created by MS Word better (vertical positionioning of images in RTF)

    + function TWPTextObj.SaveEmbeddedTextToStream

    * WPToolsRTFToANSI now reads from a RAWByteString and writes to a String (Delphi XE3 and later)

    * FWPT_IsHexChar and other arrays for conversion now BYTE based

    * disabled the code which caused lonbg tabvles to be always moved to a new page.

    - fix TParagraph._IsWidthTw which was not correct with merged cells.

    + wpHideDynamicCellSelection in ViewOptionsEx can be used to hide the selection in a table.

    * wpDisableCaret in EditOptionsEx can be used to dynamically change visibility of caret since SetFocusValues is automatically called

    - fix a range check error

    * performance optimation in CPAttr interface.

    + WPRichText label now also has TextWidth/and TextHeight function

    - fix problem with TReformatWorkObjects

    * hardened RTF reader agaianst illegal color values

    - fix for rare problem when footnotes were used in table cells and had a space before the number

    + function TParagraph.CalculateTableGrid(needxpos : Boolean; var grid : System.Generics.Collections.TList<Integer>) : Boolean;

    + property TParagraph.Text to read and write the paragraph as string. Any controll codes<#9 will be removed.

    * property TParagraph.ANSIText is depreciated

  • *** WPTools 8.05.3 - 23.7.2018 ***

    - with non-unicode compilers number texts were displayed incorrectly.

    + wpDontExpandHighlightIfFullCellIsSelected in ViewOptionsEx

    * improvement of cursor movement out of text box

    * change mouse selection when at bottom of page. Next page text was selected although

    not under the mouse cursor. Can be re-activated with compiler symbol WPCONTINUE_SELECTION_TO_NEXTPAGE

  • *** WPTools 8.06.1 - 18.10.2018 ***

    - fix possible range check error when selecting fields

    + with RTF writer it is possible to suppress the writing of paragraph names

    using the format string "-noparnames"

    * Finder now uses property "WholeWord" also when searching with wildcard, i.e. '*'. The found text

    must then start and end with a word. Spaces inbetween are allowed.

    *** WPTools 8.06.0 - 30.9.2018 ***

    * HTML export saves bullet list with style="disk"

    * property TWPRichText.SpeechReconitionInterfaceMode (runtime only) to fine adjust the

    interface to speech recognition programs

    * optimation of text center in table cells

    * improvement of paragraph reformat (while typing)

    * <pagebreak/> can now be used in HTML input between paragraphs

    * WPContainer did not make the transition to unicode. The name was saved truncated and

    when loading old files unicodes were expeced where ANSI was used. This has been fixed.

    You can now also save unicode names when the property SaveUnicodeNames is true

  • *** WPTools 8.06.2 - 25.10.2018 ***

    - fix problem with TMMDataProvider (AV in IDE)

    * border-, color- and table dialogs have been updated for high-res support

    - fix problem that sometimes a row was broken into to pages

    - also display frame lines with borders smaller than 1pixel. (unless $DEFINE HIDE_SMALLBORDER)

    + DocX reader: support szCs

    * DocX reader: fix use of DocDefaults (now only applied if par-properties are not used)

    + StringToColor supports $BBGGRR

    * fix in DocX ZIP reader to solve problem with some images not beeing loaded.

  • *** WPTools 8.10 - 3.12.2018 ***

    + support for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    - fix in unit WPTabDlg1

    * when a style is applied using SetActiveStyleName the attributes are not cleared anymore

    unless wpClearAttrOnStyleChange is used in

    - fix image loading in DocX reader - load image name from imagedata and imageData

    - fix in DocX writer: write "imagedata" insetad of "imageData"

    - fix writing of NSTY= in paragraph styles in WPT format

  • *** WPTools 8.11 - 28.2.2019 ***

    + now bands and groups can be hidden with par.Hidden := not par.Hidden

    - fixes problem that when loading tables from RTF somtimes the background was black

    + wpHideReporterBands in FormatOptionsEx2 to reduce bands in wpreporter to a one point line

    * scrolling now moves the scrollbars also when editor does not have the focus.

    *** WPTools 8.10.1' - 10.1.2019 ***

    - fix small issue in Delphi 10.3 package