• Hi Julian,

    I can't get the 64Bit version to work.

    I did test it in our app... and got a read error while reading a rtf stream into the WPRichedit component. Could not easily make out what was wrong

    So i saved the text into a file and made a VCL Form with a WPRichedit and a button loading the file. 32Bit works as expected, but the 64Bit

    compilation / exe does not start (access error in FormCreate).

    What am i doing wrong.

    What has to be put into library/Source pathes

    P.S. Yes, I use the newest premium 8 version)


  • I got it going now, though i don't know exactly why. Obviously it is very important to keep 32 and 64 Bit apart.

    Applications are compiling but are not using the appropriate dcus.