WPImageList - PNG and SVG glyphs in WPTools 9

  • The WPImageList is a component to hold various bitmaps in variants to be used at different resolutions. The most important advantage of a WPImageList ist the transparancy control. While a standard ImageList used to only know black and white masks, the WPImageList works with PNG files and alpha channels.

    With WPImageList you have partly transparent gylphs also in Delphi 7

    - you only need PNG support (by adding ImageEn, PNGlib or GraphicEx) - see file WPINC.INC.

    A) Use bitmaps from TWPImageList in TImageList

    The WPImageList can also populate a standard TImageList. To do so assign the property LinkedImageList and call UpdateLinkedList in code or in the designer in the context menu.

    You can also call FillImageList(destinationlist) in code to fill any image list.

    B) Use TWPImageList as TImageList

    Starting with Delphi 10.3 it is possible to inherit a new image list of the standard TImageList. We adapted this technology and make it possible to use a WPImageList also for standard menu items, buttons and actions.

    This option is activated by the $DEFINE WPCUSTOMIMG in unit wputil.pas.

    How to create images for WPImageList:

    To create bitmaps to be used with the TWPOImageList we recommend to use Affinity Designer (“Serif” and “Affinity” are both registered trademarks of Serif Europe Ltd)

    Please see the manual (PDF)

    Do you have questions or comments?

  • WPTools 9.1.015 improves things A LOT

    now the icons are included as scalable vector files (in SVG format)

    The internal SVG renderer "WPSvgLight", which is based on our upcoming product WPSvgPRO, is used by the TWPImageList to convert the SVG data into a bitmap of the required size. This happens just in time and it is even possible, that the render engine adjusts the output slightly to match the Icons to a dark theme.

    So it is not necessary to embed MB of "multi res bitmaps" images again, just provide the SVG data and this all what is needed to support any resolution.


    WPSvgLight requires Delphi XE2 or later and was optimized to render the provided WPTools SVG images.

    In the exe demo you can also try out the SVG to bitmap conversion using the menu item "Insert SVG as Bitmap".