WPTools for FireMonkey (FMX with Delphi 10.3 Rio - Windows / OSX)

  • WPTools is a complete WYSIWYG word processing control which does not add a huge overhead to your program. It loads and saves RTF, HTML, text and its own native format. DocX import and export functionality is available as an add-on. This component supports editable headers and footers in its page layout mode. Zooming, split-screen, tables - including the possibility of page breaks inside table rows - and a powerful concept with a CSS-like paragraph style are supported by the modern architecture.

    Now you can use WPTools in Your FireMonkey application for Windows and/or OSX and have access to a true word processor which is also fast when editing very large texts.

    WPTools FMX is based on WPTools 9.1 VCL which its huge user base. This means the base code is stable and well tested. WPTools natively supports its own WPT format, RTF, HTML and optionally DocX.

    Since it is based on the WPTools VCL, the interface code is mostly compatible. So You can use Your document creation or mail merge code with WPTools FMX just as You would with the VCL edition.

    We did not convert the dialogs 1:1 since we wanted to create new dialogs which adapt to change of the form width. Also redundant components have not been converted.

    WPTools FMX can be installed at the same time as the VCL edition. All units use the prefix "FMX." to make them unique.

    Currently this platforms are supported:

    Win32, Win64 and OSX32.

  • We get so many questions asking if our app is available on a Mac or iPad and we have to steer them towards running Parallels on the Mac or use a Windows tablet, which is not an ideal solution for Apple users. Some of our competitors use Java to get the multi-platform solution, but with FMX version of WPTools coming into fruition, we can now look forward to providing these Apple and Android devices with a great solution, and faster than Java apps from what I understand since ours would be running natively.

    They all love our inspection software but get disappointed that it is not available on mobile devices. We could dumb down the app and use a plain RTF or HTML editor, but it has been the feature set provided to us by WPTools really makes us stand out against our competitors. I don't know of any other editor that can match WPTools. So to have it available for FMX is fantastic. Looking forward to the next phase of our product on OSX, iOS and Android.

    On many of the Embarcadero webinars in the past, there was usually someone asking for a cross platform editor other than plain text. There are a few basic ones available for RTF/HTML, but I think having WPTools available for FMX will be a game changer. At least I hope so!

  • Thanks for your input.

    There is now a new version which also solves most of the issues you reported so far.

    Now the toolbar icons are updated when the user moves the cursor and double- and tripple click are working. There is now a popup menu fur regular text a different one for embedded graphics, just as in the VCL edition.

    The setup now also includes an executable for OSX.

  • The demo has been updated, the full version as well:

    *** WPTools 9.1.016 - 14.11.2019 ***

    - paint-high res icons in toolbar on scaled forms

    with support for SVG Imagelist requires WPSvgPro)

    + Much improved ruler: WPRuler now supports

    ImageList to hold provided ruler symbols

    - fix line drawing in fmx renderer

    - support tabulator fill signs

    + new tabulator dialog

    - fix problem when inserting TBitmap image objects

    - multiple improvements in rendering code

    + support for OSX64

  • The demo has been updated, the full version as well:

    *** WPTools 9.1.018 - 7.12.2019 ***

    - improved rendering on OSX

    * Save EURO Sign in RTF code with selected codepage 1252 in old way as '80

    - fix format problem while typing in center/right aligned text when soft line break was used.

    - fix wrong cursor position when soft line breaks were used.

    * improved column resizing

    - TParagraph.AMerge sometimes cleared tabstops

    WPTools FMX 9.1 can be ordered now, price on request: support@wptools.de

  • Any hints for compiling the demo program for OSX64 using 10.3.3 Community Edition?

    I'm getting this error:

    [dccosx64 Fatal Error] WPToolsFMX_WordU1.pas(10): F2613 Unit 'FMX.WPRuler' not found.

    Win32, Win64 versions compile and run fine.

    OSX32 compiles fine but will not run under Catalina

    ...\FMX\OSX64 is in the search path and the file FMX.WPRuler.dcu is present.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Same for me and I use the Enterprise edition of 10.3.3.

    I put the path in "Search Path" of the OSX64 and the compiler says:

    "[dccosx64 Fatal Error] WPToolsFMX_WordU1.pas (10): F2613 Unit 'FMX.WPRuler' not found."