PrintHDC Image quality

  • Julian,

    I wrote a pass-through function in ReportBuilder to render each page of a PDF and display in a ppImage. However the resulting image seems to lose some quality compared to what your demo app does with the image. And this is the raw image saved to file (2nd to last line). Any tips on getting 100% image quality?


  • Julian,

    I went with the wpview_pdfMakeImage function. Is there a good explanation of the "jpegres:Integer" parameter. I tried 100, thinking it was a percentage, and I had seen it in an example, but the image is about the same quality as before.

    This in your Instruction pdf, but it's over my head:

    Some example of low medium high would help me.


  • This is one way to use it. It creates file on the harddrive, so you need a temporary file name.

    os := WorkPath.Text + 'page_x%d.' + FileFormat.Text;

    s := 'test.pdf';

    n := wpview_pdfMakeImageW(PWideChar(s), '',

    PWideChar(WPViewPDF_LicName), PWideChar(WPViewPDF_LicKey), WPViewPDF_LicCode,


    0, 10000, 300);

    n is the number of created files.