On a tablet, need single finger scroll and select (like a mouse)

  • My users want to be able to scroll and select like it was before in our older app that used WPTools5, which they really liked. The new DELPHI_TOUCH methods are just too difficult and confusing for inspectors since they want their finger to act just like a mouse.

    Functionality they like from WPTools5:

    • If a single finger starts moving up or down, then it is a scroll function.
    • If a single finger is on text and you start left or right, then it starts a select.
    • If it is on an image, it is a move image operation.

    All this is just like your finger is a mouse (yes, they have that tablet (Surface Pro) option set to make a pen act like a mouse but only applies to a pen not a finger).

    I was hoping disabling the DELPHI_TOUCH switch would revert back to the old functionality, but while it comes very very close, the one exception is that you need to use two fingers to scroll which means any single finger movement is a select.

    Our inspectors tend to hold the tablet with one hand and want to scroll with the same hand using their thumb much like you do on a phone. Either that, or they might be holding another tool in the other hand and can only manage one finger on that other hand to control the tablet without first putting down that tool. Try it... hold a flashlight in one hand, the tablet in the other and try a two finger scroll.