FMX: Add an RTF editor to the Apple store?

  • The default RTF reader on a Mac does not seem to support embedded images and most of the other apps don't seem to have an eval available or they require newer versions of the MacOS than High Sierra to be able to install it. And those that will install require that you purchase to try and don't say if they support embedded images or not. I tried LibreOffice's free trial, and while it supported embedded images, it did not do it very well (had white lines throughout the images).

    So, I compiled your sample using Delphi 10.4.2 and installed in on my very very old MacBook pro which is maxed out with High Sierra 10.13.6 with Xcode 9.4.1, and it seems to work just fine with embedded images (I didn't do much testing other than that)

    I was wondering if you thought about posting that compiled app into the Apple Store (preferably as freeware). If you don't think you would want to do that, I might dumb the demo down a bit for my specific usage and try doing that myself (don't know what's involved in publishing to the Apple Store). Why do I need something like that? Well, we provide an RTF Report Summary of a home inspection that realtors can edit for their clients, but some realtors use Macs and don't have Word on it, so it displays garbage for the embedded images. If they can get a free and simple RTF editor that supports embedded images, it would be great.

    What do you think? :)

  • My Experience is that on Apple uses prefer to use Apple software. I have a software product for MAC OS and there is not a lot of feedback.

    According to use my demo please respect the license which comes with the component. For WPTools VCL this excludes the use on MacOS and with WP-FMX Standard "word processors" are explicitly excluded.

  • I don't think realtors really care what software they use as long it is works, but I guess a lot of those Apple people are purists in maintaining their Apple ecosystem. But if it comes form the Apple Store, isn't that good enough for them? Maybe not.

    On licensing, that is one of the reasons why I asked if you would deploy your demo to the store and if not then I would try to dumb it down (i.e. not make it much more than a text editor for RTF only). If that is still a problem with licensing, I'll definitely respect that and not do it.

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