Convert MergeField data (Table) to non-mergefield (plain text) data.

  • Hi Julian and WpSupport,

    I'll hope you can help me out with the following problem.

    I am using WPTools 7.33.1 Premium edition, in my application i'm using the mergefield fuctionality, im adding mergefields with the .InputMergeField function. All the MergeFields are provided with the right data when using the .MergeText function in combination with the OnMergeGetText event handler.

    My application provides some kind of "convert mergefield to text" functionality to the end-user, so he/she can modify the values of the mergefield.

    This now done by using the following code.

    The used code above is working perfectly for "normal" single line/non-table mergefields, but when i use this code for an mergefield wich contains an table (with data) then it's getting messy, all the column values are placed below eachother (EmbeddedText function is placing an #10 after each value) instead of keeping the row. It also sets the inputstring at the top of the document.

    Can you tell me (and help me out) if there is some function to convert the mergefield table data into normal text (but in table form), so the end-user can modify this values?

    I'll also attach some screenshots with the mergefield table data, if you look at the top-left of the table than you see an litte gray marker (don't know what kind of invisible symbol this is). When you place the cursor after that marker and press twice on delete then the mergefield is gone, but the table data is still present (presented as plain text which can be modified exactly as i need)

    Kind regards,

    Richard Lichtendahl

    ENK Software BV - Europe (+1GMT)

  • V7 is severely outdated. Please upgrade to the current V9.3

    You do not need to delete the filed, just the start and end markers. You can simply call Free for the EndTag and the StartTag and then call DeleteMerkedText to delete the placeholders.