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    WPSpell_LoadVCLStrings is definiert in unit WPSpell_Language sofern das compiler symbol USEWPT_LANGCTRL in WPSpell_INC.INC oder im Projekt definiert ist.

    Zumindest im aktuellen WPSpell V2 ist WPSpell_STDForm.DFM text format. Man kann einfach WPSpell_STDForm.pas in Delphi öffnen.

    Sorry, those compares with ssTouch have been added in last upload. They will be removed for Delphi 7 and other older versions.

    BTW: Hints like "Value assigned to '...' never used" are often caused by code to avoid hints "Variable has not been assigned".


    WPDF3 and WPDF4 uses the same technology to capture the graphic data. So both defines are turned on.

    On a server environment the use of WPRichText :TWPRichText is not recommended since TWPRichText contains references to UI elements. The correct components is TWPCustomRTFEdit. Do not include unit WPCTRRich.

    To make the process threadsave it is also required to have one TWPToolEnvironment object per thread:

    The problem with the Image could be caused by GDI+.

    You can deactivate the use of GDI+ by adding {$DEFINE NOGDIPLUS} to WPINC.INC. See the effect of this in unit WPObj_Image.pas.

    In the delivery mail there are the strings "name" and "code".

    Both value have to be passed to the global function WPDF_Start(name,code).

    After that the engine is licensed and will not show the message. This valid for wPDF Standard and wPDF Plus or Server.

    wPDF PLUS installs the DCU files for most Delphi editions.

    Please add the compiler conditional WPDFPLUS to your project to make sure it pulls in the DCU file. If it does not filnd the files, please add the path (for the correct delphi edition = DX14 for Delphi 10.4) to the library path.

    You find the library path when you go to the IDE, Tools/Options and there under Language/Delphi.

    WPViewPDF 3 is really old and there are a lot of changes. I serviced that also for years.

    You can test V4 - the demo is practically not restricted.

    But here it seems so that you somehow unload the PDF while one is still printing.

    Did you lock your load logic until the print command has been returned? This can be implemented easily with a booleen variable.

    Checking the code in COMPDF_Print V4 sends messages to the calling window, this are

    MSGPDF_PRINTSTART = 110; // Param = page count in the printing cue (not the total page count)

    MSGPDF_PRINTPAGE = 111; // for each page, LParam = page number in document (see MSGPDF_PRINTPAGEPROGRESS)

    MSGPDF_PRINTEND = 112; // done, LParam=0

    MSGPDF_PRINTPAGEPROGRESS= 116; // Message to set prograsspar. param=position, max=param of MSGPDF_PRINTSTART

    Hyperlinks in PDF are annotations, simple rectangles located on a page but not inside the rendered content.

    So if you need to have a special text attribute for your text you need to assign it when you print it.

    To create the active area, the hyperlink, you need to use this api - in .dotnet

    public void Hyperlink(int x, int y, int w, int h, String BookMark)


    public void Hyperlink(Rectangle Rect, String BookMark)

    To create a weblink the bookmark must start with "http://"

    To create a link to a certain file it must be start with "Launch://"

    Just to avoid confusion, this is the about wPDFControl for .NET - not wPDF.

    It can have several reasons:

    a) a 64 bit problem

    b) Out of resources

    If possible please send finished metafiles to the wPDFControl Engine.

    The wrapper also just creates a metafile:

    and send it later to the engine in CloseCanvas using DrawMetafileEx.

    Do you use native drawing code which uses the Graphics of wPDFControl?

    That could cause a resource leak.

    There is a flag which has influence to the spacing in the table

    wpNoMinimumCellPadding in FormatOptions


    But if I set the linespacing e.g. multiple 1.5 then the result is the cell is 1.5x higher than the image.

    I see, since the height of the image influences the line height this is somehow logical.


    How can I fit the cell height to the image in a paragraph with modified linespacing?

    Do you need row Height?

    You can do this in the editor when you drag the row line under the image and also press the CTRL key.

    WPAT_BoxMinHeight = 107; // ALso used for -minimum- RowHeight !

    WPAT_BoxMaxHeight = 109; // ALso used for -absolute- RowHeight !