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    WPViewPDF release 24.11.2021

    + new command COMPDF_Attachment_Command allows it to delete PDF attachments (WPViewPDF PLUS)

    * several improvements in image handling

    + new exported method in PLUS edition: pdfSetInfoW. The function makes it easy to update the info items, such as subject, Creator or Producer in a PDF file.

    + support for line dash patterns

    * revised code to support transparency

    WPViewPDF release 5.11.2021

    + redesigned icons for the zoom button panel

    + support for patterns to improve PDF display quality

    + much improved loading speed for PDF files which use RoleMaps

    * revised CMAP evaluation code

    * improved path drawing and clipping logic

    * impoved acroform checkbox handling

    * remove Char(0) from extracted text.

    WPViewPDF is a component that allows you to load one or multiple PDF files and to display or print it/them as one.

    It is possible to export pages as bitmaps (PNG, JPEG) or as text. It is possible to add drawings which will be displayed and printed on top of the original data. The drawing objects can be moved and sized by the programmer in code or by the user in the end product.

    WPViewPDF was developed to make it possible not only to view PDF files but also to really work with them.

    To make it easy to provide the user a powerful GUI a new action system has been integrated. It makes it possible to automatically initialize the menus and toolbars required.

    Most work has been put into the draw object and the new annotation system. Now it is possible to offer the user the possibility to add annotations to the PDF information.

    - Internal action system. This allows it to create a GUI efficiently and quick.

    - ActionMode: pan, select objects, draw etc.

    - add PDF annotations to a PDF file. Supported are at present:

    * highlight annotation

    * text background (the used can select text and the annotation will cover the area)

    * square annotation

    * symbols with Popups

    * squiggly underline annotation

    * text field annotations

    * checkboxes

    - move any existing annotation

    - delete any existing annotation

    - create draw objects on a "document layer". The document layer survives reloading a PDF file. This makes it possible to apply the same draw objects to various PDF files. With WPViewPDF PLUS it is possible to save the objects to XML and load as XML.

    - trigger mail merge events on marked text draw objects.

    - convert PDF into watermark: The user can select a PDF file and use certain PDF pages as background for the current PDF files. It is possible to reuse the same page on multiple pages.


    Julian Ziersch

    WPCubed GmbH

    The update is free for customers who purchased Version 4 after 31.3.2021.

    The upgrade rebate for customers of Version 3 is 30%

    The upgrade rebate for customers of version 4 is currently 50% (until 31.1.2022)


    Abweichungen sind möglich und zumeist auf Farbprofile zurückzuführen. Von diesen unterstützt WPViewPDF nur eine Untermenge.

    Falls es sich um eine JPEG2000 Graphic handelt, deren Unterstützung wurde in der aktuellen WPViewPDF V5.0.1 stark verbessert.


    Julian Ziersch

    Yes, the meaning is:

    KeepN = keep with next paragraph

    Keep = keep paragraph on page (if possible)

    1. var i : Integer;
    2. WPRichText1.FormatOptions := WPRichText1.FormatOptions - [wpfIgnoreKeep, wpfIgnoreKeepN];
    3. WPRichText1.InputString(#13);
    4. WPRichText1.ActiveParagraph.ASet(WPAT_ParKeepN, 1);
    5. WPRichText1.InputString('Heading' + #13 + 'Start ');
    6. WPRichText1.ActiveParagraph.ASet(WPAT_ParKeep, 1);
    7. for I := 1 to 100 do WPRichText1.InputString('text ');
    8. WPRichText1.InputString('end.' + #13);

    *** WPTools 9.2.009' - 25.10.2021 ***

    - fix in ClearTextBetween method

    *** WPTools 9.2.009 - 16.10.2021 ***

    + wpHidePageFrames in ViewOptionsEx2 to hide frames which may be defined in the loaded RTF data

    * improved editing of bookmarks, esspecially bookmark protection and open/close consistency preservation

    * avoid calling object destrucutor if moved to a new line by pressing enter

    There is also a new VCL trial available. Also for Delphi 11 Alexandria.

    Now is a good time to upgrade from WPTools 9.1 or WPTools 8 to WPTools 9.2 since all WPTools orders after 1. Oct 2021 will also qualify for WPTools 9.3.

    *** WPTools 9.2.008 - 6.10.2021 ***

    + Support for Delphi 11 - Alexandria

    *** WPTools 9.2.007 - 11.9.2021 ***

    - the AfterCompleteWordEvent did not work after a . when wpAutoDetectHyperlinks was used

    - when overwriting selected text the char attribute of the first selected character is beeing used.

    + Use wpOverwriteTextUseAttrAtInsertionPoint in EditOptionsEx2 to always reset the char attribute

    + Use wpDontInheritAttributeBeforeSpace in EditOptionsEx2 to not inherit the character attribute used before a space character

    *** WPTools 9.2.006 - 28.8.2021 ***

    * WPTools tries to no separate - and numbers. This can be switched off in PRO version with compiler symbol DONTKEEPMINUSWITHNUMBER

    In case there is text (no number or space) before the - it will now break the line

    - fix format problem when typing in paragraph with images

    + optional parameter to WPRichText.ParStyles.LoadFromFile to load CSS stylesheets instead of lists in WPCSS format

    + better word wrap in reformat for ' and numbers

    + improved indention when activation bullets and numbers

    - fix in HTML reader to add space after <div>

    + new format string option -WritePXValues makes the HTML writer write Pixel instead of Inch Values.

    Please note the pixel values are calculated on a basis of fixed resolution which is 96 by default.

    *** WPTools 9.2.005 - 18.5.2021 ***

    * improved redo support

    * improved undo after load from stream / paste from clipboard

    *** WPTools 9.2.004 - 7.5.2021 ***

    - added unit WPRTEFormatH to PRO and Premium setup

    * improved message handling in WPCtrMemo.pas

    - fixed NODB switch in package source

    *** WPTools 9.2.003' - 21.4.2021 ***

    * in WPUtil: moved DestBitmap := bit; one line up to fix WPImage Problem

    *** WPTools 9.2.003 - 8.4.2021 ***

    + Option in RTF reader -callrequesthttpimage enables call of event OnRequestHTTPImage

    + Many additions to the XML Interface to better support XMP data (see wpXMLInt.pas)

    * HTML export now embeds BMP and WMF as PNG - although using smale width(height matching to

    size of object in text. This also works for images which have been embedded using the GDI++

    support in TWPObjImage

    - fix problem when saving EMF embedded into HTML as JPEG compressed images

    - fix in DocX reader to un-inherit character styles in paragraphs to text

    + function LockRichtext : Boolean; - Check wethere a scrolling opertaion takes place at this moment

    *** WPTools 9.2.002 - 15.1.2021 ***

    + new demo G) Technology\ResizeDynamic

    - improvment for calculation of size of image in table cell

    - fix resource problem in WPEval

    - improvment for moving objects with touch

    - fix selection markers in normal layout mode

    *** WPTools 9.2.001 - 24.12.2020 ***

    - fix problem with installation

    Update: 1.8.2020 - V7.65

    - improved PDF engine

    Update: 13.1.2020 - V7.62

    - improved support for JPEG embedded in HTML

    Update: 13.1.2020 - V7.61

    - improved stability of editor

    - improvements to DocX support

    - improved PDF engine

    + added TextCommand to delete fields, bookmarks and hyperlinks

    Update: 11.1.2019 - V7.60

    - improved stability of editor

    - fixes for 64 bit support

    - fixed problems with unicode text typing

    Update: 26.3.2018 - V7.50

    - improvements to double click handling

    - updates to PDF engine

    Update: 21.2.2017 - V7.33.0.2

    - improvements to DocX support and editing and XML support

    Update: 5.10.2016 - V7.33

    - improved DocX writer (numbering and textboxes)

    - improved editor

    Update: 24.9.2016 - V7.32.1

    - fix problem with PDF export.

    Update: 16.9.2016 - V7.32

    * improved PDF engine

    * fix in spellcheck (user dictionary)

    - some small fixes in RTF engine

    * updated DocX loading

    Update: 23.8.2016 - V7.31

    * updated PDF engine

    * updated editing engine

    * updated DocX import and export

    - fixes print problem introduced by Windows update around 19.8.2016 (problem has been fixed by another update in 9/2016)

    Update: 10.6.2016 - V7.30

    - integrate the latest PDF exporting engine

    - several improvements to DocX import and export

    - fixes in HTML load and save

    - HTML support now handles "rel" and "target" parameter of hyperlinks

    + Using Memo.TextCommand( 48, 'name=fontname', charcode ) a certain character code can be used for selected hyperlinks.

    * several improvements to editing engine

    Update: 22.9.2015

    - fix display of character background color

    - fix for Arabic text in hyperlinks

    - improvement in DocX writer

    - fix for table cells display after page break

    Update: 16.9.2015

    - fix problem with display of large monochrome images

    + ObjCommand now allows on- the-fly compression of images.

    * several improvements to editor and DocX support

    TextDynamic V7 release

    It is based on the latest RTFEngine which incorporates hundreds of improvements

    Its PDF Engine is based on wPDF4 which supports Type3 fonts.

    + optional DocX support

    + new properties in IWPMemo.SetBProp

    + 64 bit DLL

    + 64 bit .NET Interface

    + new shaded background (can be deactivated in ViewOptionsEx)

    WPViewPDF release 15.10.2021

    + much improved loading speed for PDF files which use RoleMaps

    * revised CMAP evaluation code

    WPViewPDF V5 is currently under development.

    It will bring support for 'Patterns" and other improvements.

    The update will be free for customers who purchased Version 4 after 31.3.2021.

    WPViewPDF release 28.8.2021

    - updated compression / decompression code

    WPViewPDF release 20.7.2021

    - fix problem with CIDToGIDMap interpretation (has precendence to Encoding cmap)

    WPViewPDF release 7.7.2021

    - fix problem with subset fonts with encoded "+" in the name

    WPViewPDF release 14.6.2021

    - clean char(0) when returning info items

    WPViewPDF release 22.5.2021

    - fix problem that added image objects were drawn upside down

    WPViewPDF release 11.5.2021

    * Updated operation of option DONTSETDEVMODE=2 in pdfPrint

    WPViewPDF release 24.4.2021

    * improvements to color space handling

    WPViewPDF release 25.3.2021

    * updated cmap decoding

    - fixed problem with font names encoded using special characters such as #20

    WPViewPDF release 5.3.2021

    - fix problem introduced by PDF comments in compressed object streams (appeared in

    WPViewPDF release 19.2.2021

    - fix problem when loading certain PDF files which have been manipulated by signing process.

    The problem was caused by the use of comments in compressed object streams.

    WPViewPDF release 5.2.2021

    * Loads PDF which use newlines instead of spaces in object numer

    + improvement in transparency support /ca /CA