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    If I understand correctly this is not a question about WPTools but about a reporting solution which is using certain tokens which are written as text into the RTF?

    As said above, please send your question to since I cannot help you here.

    It is not a surprise that this this kind of reporting does not work in a table. RTF tables are not that straight forward encoded. In your case I would try to insert a new table and not extend an existing one.

    The product WPReporter which is based on WPTools can create such tables from templates editable in WPTools.

    WPViewPDF release 11.5.2022

    * improved reading of object streams

    * improved handling og combobox and date fields in forms

    * optimized rendering now handles mixed rectangle and lines in paths better

    * fixed scroll behavior for full pages

    * improved handling of compressed objects

    WPViewPDF release 5.4.2022

    * more resilent deflate decoder

    - fix problem with thumbnail/bookmark display when appending PDF files.

    WPViewPDF release 29.3.2022

    - improved support for embedded CMYK JPEG Images

    - fix problem in "Pattern" handling

    * improved AddPage command which does not change the setting of left panel (thumbnail/bookmark) anymore

    WPViewPDF release 24.1.2022

    - better support for embedded CMYK JPEG Images

    - fix problem in pattern handling

    WPViewPDF release 20.12.2021

    + The MaxLen support has been further enhanced top not only support changes in form completion mode, but although through the command COMPDF_ACRO_SET. (Please note that it does not truncate field contents)

    It is not clear to me if you do the merging directly based on the RTF code - that is a technique which was never reliable since a simply change in the text can cause a completely different code. Or do you use merge fields?

    You should write an e-mail to support since this is very specific.

    Im Gegensatz zu WPTools 4 berechnet die "neue" WPReporter Engine seit 2004 keine Seitenumbrüche während der Report Erstellung. Daher kann Ihr Wunsch so nicht direkt umgesetzt werden.

    Ein PAINT_CALC wurde eingebaut um während des Druckes bzw. der Anzeige den aktuellen, tatsächlichen, Seiteninhalt auszuwerten. Damit kann wie im Beispiel gezeigt eine Zwischensumme berechnet werden.

    Ihr Problem ließe sich vielleicht mit speziellen Tabellenfusszeilen lösen - aber nicht in vorliegenden Version WPTools 9.2. Das wäre eher eine Custom Entwicklung.

    From the quoted PS code I cannot see why it is not rendered. Maybe the "S" is missing at the end.

    You can use this utility function which requires a reference canvas:

    It is used like this:

    1. WPPDFPrinter1.Canvas.Brush.Color := clRed;
    2. WPPDFPrinter1.Canvas.Pen.Color := clYellow;
    3. WPPDFPrinter1.Canvas.Font.Size := 100;
    4. BeginPath(WPPDFPrinter1.Canvas.Handle);
    5. TextOutOutline(Canvas, WPPDFPrinter1.Canvas, 10, 10, 'Outline');
    6. EndPath(WPPDFPrinter1.Canvas.Handle);
    7. StrokeAndFillPath(WPPDFPrinter1.Canvas.Handle);

    TextOutOutline Create the path data using a canvas which is not visible and then renders it to the wPDF Canvas.

    The code also skips the first part of the path data because it is usually only the bounding box of the output.

    Please note that the SVG image list also has the possibility to adapt to the current color theme.

    property ImageBackgroundColor : TColor default $fbfbfb;

    property ImageBackgroundTextColor : TColor default clBlack;

    property ImageBackgroundColorHot : TColor default $fce38b;

    property ImageBackgroundColorDown : TColor default $ffd96c;

    The page is very small, I don't know what the printer will do when the page size is set so small.

    It displays fine though - with the current version.

    Use the command


    The function returns the new index of the printer.

    to pass the one of the following:

    1) name of the printer

    2) the start of the name

    3) any part of the name

    This list of printer names is processed in this order to find the match.

    Please put this in your project under unit scope names