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    Diese TParagraph property wird auch als ZAHL in RTF gespeichert: WPAT_PARID

    Die folgenden properties kann man auch frei verwenden, sie werden in RTF nicht gespeichert, wohl aber im WPT format.


    Wie üblich kann man die properties schreiben mit

    par.ASet( WPAT_PARID, value) und lesen mit

    if par.AGet(WPAT_PARID, value ) then

    process (value).

    Oder man liest den wert mit

    value := par.AGetDef( WPAT_PARID, 0)

    Prinzip bedingt kann value nur Integer werte enthalten die in 3 byte passen

    No, the word converter only work with older version of office.

    In the meantime we have a native DocX loading and saving which does not require any other DLLs. This special support is available for WPTools 7 and 8.

    Grundsätzlich geht das Gewollte in WPTools nicht, so wie es in Word (=Wordprozessor) auch nicht geht.

    Es gibt Möglichkeiten ein derartiges Verhalten zu simulieren. Das geht über Ereignisse welche zur Ausgabezeit auslösen. Die Technik muss aber auf Basis der konkret ausgegebene Daten entwickelt werden - allgemein gültig ist das nie da man auf Feldnamen zugreifen muss.

    Ich kann Ihnen hier gerne helfen - im "free" support kann dieser Service aber nicht enthalten sein.

    Der event DoTextObjectPaintCalcEvent kommt in einer der Demos vor - es handelt sich um ein Event welches einem TWPTextObjekt zugewiesen wurde, also von diesem ausgelöst wird.

    Grundsätzlich hat ein text oder tabellen Zeilen keine festen Seitennummern. Zellen werden beim Formatieren Seitennummern zugewiesen. Das kann prinzipiell nicht für header/footer klappen, da diese auf mehreren Seiten gleichzeitig verwendet werden.

    Seitennummern sind eigentlich nur definiert zur Zeit des Drucks oder der Anzeige.

    Daher muss code welcher sich auf Seitennummern bezieht in dem OnPaint event ausgeführt werden. Dort hat man Zugriff auf die aktuelle virtual-page TWPVirtPage welche allen ausgegeben text bzw. die ausgegeben objekte enthält.

    Der folgende code erwartet, dass die ausgegebenen Werte in merge Felder eingebettet sind. Über diese lässt sich der Inhalt sowol im Fliesstext also auch in Tabellenzellen lokalisieren.

    I would expect that has to do with the codepage setting of the database.

    WPRichText.SaveToStream will always create a ASCII based RTF stream. Such a stream should not be saved to a field which expects unicodes or does nay kind of code page conversion.

    LoadFromStream sometimes requires a Stream.Position := 0 before the execution.

    When you say the RTF is null - is it really empty? Please save your blob for debug purposes to a file and check what in that file.

    End of 2017 we converted our forum to use a new software. The old software was flooded by spam accounts (>100 / day) which caused problems with eligible registrations.

    As side effect the new layout is responsive and includes several convenience features, including the list of last posts on the first page.

    For support questions which are interesting for other users please use this forum.

    Einfach das entsprechende Textobjekt in die Zeile einfügen:

    1. WPRichText1.InputTextField(wpoPageNumber);

    oder, wenn man mit TParagraphs (also Zellen) arbeitet:

    1. cell.AppendTextObject('PAGE');

    Das funktioniert auch ion header/footer Zellen.

    "PageNr" funktioniert nur denn, wenn der Text formatiert wurde uns dem TParagraph eine sichtbarer Text zugeordnet ist. Bei Reihen und Tabellen macht dies daher keinen Sinn, nur bei Absätzen und Zellen.

    You need to use CIDFonts (property FontMode) or Type3.

    Not every font contains all characters - windows will display the characters anyways but they will come from a different font.

    For best results use the charset which corresponds to the characters you need to display. Especially with baltic, russian, asian texts.

    Saving of the merge fields has been optimized in WPTools 8. Which compiler do you use?

    The code should write non ASCII characters in fields not as UTF9 but as unicodes uXXXX. So I would need more information on where you see the UTF8 encoding.

    *** WPTools 8.01.1 - 3.11.2017 ***

    - fix zoom problem when LayoutMode=rmNormal

    - fix C++ problem with WM_SETTEXT, WM_GETTEXT

    * new handling of double clicks fixes problem on Windows Build 1709 and later

    This change can be deactivated by dsiabling $DEFINE USE_STD_DBLCLICK in WPCtrMemo.pas

    * Word - Line - and Paragraph - selection with DblClick has been reviewed

    *** WPTools 8.01.0 - 13.10.2017 ***

    - improvement in Finder when replacing text which contained text objects

    - fix in numbering indent calculation and repaint.

    * improvement of handling of Number/Bullet toolbutton

    + RTFDataProps.NumberStyles.GenerateLegalOutlineAsDefault,

    if true the "1. 1.1. 1.1.1. ..." style is created as default outline.
    WPTools Premium:

    ++ revised code to format footnotes. They can now be several pages long.

    A footnote longer than 1/4 page can be split up to the next page

    if the room on current page is not enough.

    ++ FormatOptionsEx2: wpfKeepFootnotesOnPage - with this flag the formatting routine tries

    to not split up footnotes as long as possible by creating a new page before the footnote

    *** WPTools 8.0.8 - 15.9.2017 ***

    + wpLockResizeOfProptectedTables in EditOptionsEx2

    - fix FieldAtCP (added 'var')

    - improvement of UTF8 handling in non-unicode Delphi editions (=fix problem with numberstyles)

    - fix of bullet drawing in table cells

    - fix some minor errors
    *** WPTools 8.0.7 - 14.9.2017 ***

    * the internal flag TWPRTFDataCollection._CheckTableHeightInFormat is now set to true

    to avoid that tables with header rows are printed without a single data row.

    - fix problem in ParStyles.FindEqual

    - fix problem with added numberstyles when loading WPT format

    *** WPTools 8.0.6 - 6.9.2017 ***

    - fix problem with "-" in fields while insertpointmarker werde not visible.

    Position of the text was incorrect

    - fix memory leak in format procedure

    - fix problem with table row minimum height

    * RTF reader ignores cell shading of 0 *** WPTools 8.0.4' - 28.7.2017 ***

    - solves problem inside IDE whenTWPRichText and TRichEdit were used on the same form.

    - in D5 setup one file was missing.
    *** WPTools 8.0.4 - 28.7.2017 ***

    + support for td height" parameter in HTML reader (will be applied to row)

    * improved formatting for table columns loaded from HTML

    * InputTextField did not update "Modified"
    *** WPTools 8.0.3 - 17.7.2017 ***

    * updated installer to set directory properties

    + To modify the ordering in DoublePageView use the flag wpDualPageViewStartsLeft in ViewOptionsEx.

    + function ColumnByName and FindColumn in TableProducer.

    - fix in WPToolsRTFToANSI to handle ; signs

    + Events in TWPColTemplate include parameter state : TWPAdapterCellStates to make it easier

    to distinguish between header, footer and data cells. (Please rebuild the designtime package)

    * improvements to TableProducer and table sorting
    *** WPTools 8.0.2 - 12.7.2017 ***

    + it is now possible to hide TableProducer columns in header and footer

    wpcoIgnoreInFooter, wpcoIgnoreInHeader in TWPColTemplate.Options

    - fix problem in paragraph style property editor

    * improved sorting in tables

    + wpcoTrimFieldText in TWPColTemplate.Options
    *** WPTools 8.0.1 - 11.7.2017 ***

    + TWPTableProducerDB now also supports TGraphicFields

    + TWPTableProducer supports UI option to sort also strings instaed of numbers

    - fix in par.Compare

    - fix in table formatting code

    - fixes in setup script

    + selection in tables recognizes rowspan
    *** WPTools 8.0 - 7.7.2017 ***
    + TWPRichText.TableFilterSort - powerful method to sort and filter the rows in a table.

    + TWPTableProducer and TWPTableProducerDB - unique and innovative to view data in table structure

    with, in contrast to database grids, instant preview, print and export to RTF/DocX

    It is also possible to modify the report in the viewer (=TWPRichTExt)

    The tool has little overhead since it uses the standard WPTools technology

    Instant preview of the table in the IDE designer

    Supports rowspan cells.

    Possibility to create the structures in code - something which can be problematic with live binding.
    + TOUCH SUPPORT: Zoom and Panning (to disable set Touch.InteractiveGestures)

    + Dynamic objects are used by the paint routine to draw special objects

    * WPStyleScroller has been improved to work with styles which are using large fonts

    * several tweeks in WPStyleScroller

    + Dynymic Grids. Created with TableAdd and Option wptblCreateDynamicGrid

    * Support for KeepN defined in table rows. Can be disabled by wpfDontIgnoreKeepNInTable in FormatOptionsEx

    + TWPParagraphList.SortEx now maintains the current order for items with equal content

    + TWPListOfParagraphList makes it possible to sort rows in tables and maintain header/footer and groups.
    + property "TWPStyleCollection.Usage" makes it easy to use the style collection to

    define a basis set of styles to be used by new documents.

    + TParagraph.QuickFind('{~*~}' ... can be used to locate tokens in the text.
    + wpfIgnoreSoftParagraphbreaks in FormatOptionsEx2

    + TableAdd can create up to 3 table header and up to 3 footer rows.

    + WPDataSetTools.pas

    - New Style in drop down did not work properly in a split screen editor

    + TableAdd now optionally accepts styles for header/footer

    + improved table column resizing code


    + SplitRow

    + Rows now support ColsByName[]

    + TParagraph.CharAttrModify Modify the CharAttr of the complete text or parts of it. You can pass

    a attribute which will be modified. This makes it easy to set a color

    to the text without using the CharAttr interface

    - TWPValueEdit was not loading "value" from DFM

    + TWPMMDataProvider can now load images specified by filename in field. (property LinkedImageFields and others)

    * much improved speed of ClearSelection after a SelectAll (Ctrl+A)
    + new function LoadSelectionFromFile

    + RTF tag \column supported (WPTools Premium)

    * SelectAll/Delete keeps current writing attribute and style

    * improvement for DOCX import of embedded graphics

    + DOCX import now fixes width defined in wrong percent values

    * improved FileSave dialog to add file extension automatically

    * HTML writer now also defaults to write SPAN tags if no format string was used.

    * DocX writer now limits the page width / page height to a 32K value (22 inch) to avoid Word crashing.

    - Contents.InputTextFiledName was not using the attribute of the field

    - Image positions used for mouse click detection sometimes were wrong directly after reformatall

    - SaveSelection saved \page to a file when the page break was on the first saved paragraph

    * paprStartingComment moved to TParagraph.State: wpstStartingComment

    * TParagraph.Compare now ignores trailing whitespace. It optionally compares case insensitve or on base of the first number in the text.

    - apply width and height for loaded images.

    * function TWPTextObj.LoadObjFromStream preserves current width and height defined in TWPTextObj.
    + wpPrintAsBitmap for text objects (useful to hide text elements in PDF output)

    + HandleRichEditMsg to eanble/disable dictation software access

    * don't print character background color in the page margin or between columns

    * better saving of trrh in RTF. (Absolute height takes precedence)

    * GetCharAttr now reads the attributes at the start of a selection if text was selected.

    + The "finder" ignores hyperlink and bookmark objects unless the property DontIgnoreObjects = true. Inserted text will be placed within the objects.