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    The functionality of wpemLimitTextHeight has been changed in 2004 when moving to the new architecture (WPTools Version 5). It now just adjusts the page height to the window height which practically means any overflowing text goes to a last, invisible page.

    TextObjects work very similar, they do not support text flow in 9.1.

    The total count of pages can be found in


    This may help you to signal the user the overflow.

    Was sagt denn das setup programm?

    Es müsste anzeigen: WPTools 9.1.800 ...

    Anstatt das Package neu zu installieren müsste man es einfach nur neu bauen. Einige der PAS Quellen müssen vom 17.6. sein.

    It was not developed to make it stop. That is actually very problematic to do and and has bad sideffects. Think of text you enter at the start, that pushes the text down to the end. If there would be a limit you could not add text, even if the last lines are empty.

    The publishing tools I know will just show a + sign at the end, but they do not restrict editing.

    *** WPTools 9.1.800 - 17.6.2020 ***

    + Support for Delphi 10.4 Syndey

    * the concept of the "Default Actions" has been slightly modified to avoid frequent installation problems:

    The image lists are now created in code and filled from a resource file. This reduces the size of the DFM file.

    + AddToImagelistFromResource utility function since ImageList.ResourceLoad does not work correctly

    - bookmarks were not closed correctly when document was ending with a table

    - AllowMultiView was not working

    - fix problem with image in cell when par uses right alignment

    + when writing tagged PDF file (PDF/A) wptools can add tags for each element. Certain validators

    are not prepaired to find table/tr/td tags so it is not possible to set a flag

    WPRichText.Memo._WPDFOnlyWriteP := true to only write the "P" tag.

    * changed type of WPToUnicodeW from WideChar to Word to fix unexpected codepage conversion

    - improvement of base64 decoder for embedded images in HTML

    - fix rare case in which RTF writer did not write corrrect line spacing

    - fix for HTML reader - ignore unit img width/height

    + compiler symbol {$DEFINE CTRLTAB_EDITFIELDMOVE} // ON: Ctrl+Tab moves backwards in form, otherwise Shift+Tab

    + Forms can use a global font / size

    + wpUseAttributeEvenIfSingleParagraph

    + TWPRTFDataBlock.RtfText.LoadFromFile now implemented

    + event RTFData.OnReacalcText (must be assigned in code to allow custom recalculation of fields and cells)

    + new component TWPRTFBalloonHint to shae a RTF formatted hint. (Assign the string to propetrty "Text")

    * some improvements to TWPPaintEngine

    * check for font 'Segoe UI Emoji' to enable color emoji printing

    + The TWPSelectedTextAttrInterface now has a propetry CharAttr to quickly read and assign CharAttr index values.

    * disable Ctrl+Enter in header/footer (cannot create new page there)

    ** WPTools FMX - several improvements

    Currently it is still possible to get a 20% discount coupon when upgrading from WPTools 7.

    It is also still possible to upgrade from WPTools 8 at a reduced price.

    In both case the purchase will also include WPTools 9.2.

    MSG wird nicht nativ von WPTools unterstützt. Hierzu muss die e-mail aufgeteilt werden in text im HTML form und den Bildern. Dafür gibt es Fremdkomponenten bzw tools.

    One time is enough. But please make sure one instance of the viewer always remains (i.e. on main form) because the DLL must not be unloaded.

    This has to do with the windows subclassing code, once a class has been added to a program it cannot be removed anymore.