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    I would like to translate the file WPPRTAB1. DFM

    I added the following XML in my TWPLanguageControl to translate the ShowBord button, but it does not work.

    1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1250"?>
    2. <loc><FR><WPTDlg><WPTableSelect>
    3.  <ShowBord H="test"/>
    4. </WPTableSelect>
    5. </WPTDlg></FR></loc>

    I made other translations without problems. Is it the screen that does not manage the translations ?



    The compiler is wrong line. These are the two previous lines that pose problems.


    MESSAGE void __fastcall WM_GetTextLength(Winapi::Messages::TWMNoParams &Message);
    MESSAGE void __fastcall WM_SETTEXT(Winapi::Messages::TMessage &Message);
    MESSAGE void __fastcall WM_GETTEXT(Winapi::Messages::TMessage &Message);
    HIDESBASE MESSAGE void __fastcall WMSetFocus(Winapi::Messages::TWMSetFocus &Message);


    On WPTools8, when I include the WPTRMemo.hpp file, I get a compilation error :

    1. [C ++ Error] WPCTRMemo.hpp (1491, 35): E2040 Declaration terminated incorrectly.

    on the line :

    1. MESSAGE void __fastcall WM_SETTEXT (Winapi :: Messages :: TMessage & Message);

    This is not surprising since WM_SETTEXT and WM_GETTEXT correspond to Windows constants defined in winuser.h.

    1. #define WM_SETTEXT 0x000C
    2. #define WM_GETTEXT 0x000D

    These two functions should bear another name. How to get around the problem?


    I generate text with bullets.

    I use this code :

    1. reTable->CurrAttr->NumberStyle = wp_bullet;_reTable->SaveToStream(pFlux);

    Then in an OnMailMergeGetText event :

    1. Contents->Options << mmIgnoreLoadedFonts;
    2. Contents->LoadTextFromStream(pFlux);

    My problem is very simple, I created a bullet, which implicitly uses the Wingdings font.
    I use the mmIgnoreLoadedFonts option because I want it to ignore the font text.

    But I want to keep my bullet!

    Would it be possible to have a new option mmIgnoreLoadedFontsExcept or another solution to handle this type of case ?

    Thank you for your reply.

    I favor the use of the forum because it allows to share the answer with the other users. So, if they ask themselves the same question tomorrow, instead of soliciting you, they will get a simpler answer.


    I want to know the numbering value of a paragraph.

    To assign a value, I do :

    1. MyRichText->ActiveParagraph->ASet(WPAT_NumberStart, 1);

    It works.

    To retrieve the value of a paragraph, I tried:

    1. MyRichText->ActiveParagraph->AGet(WPAT_NumberStart, resultat);


    1. int result = MyRichText->CurrAttr->NumberStart; //return -1

    It does not work.

    There is a solution ?
    Thank you for your help.


    In a TWPRichText, the height of headers and footers varies automatically depending on the content.

    Is it possible to impose their height by programming? (And thus no longer let the headers resize according to their content).


    My problem seems really simple, but I'm stuck.
    In the following code, during a merge I add a field "NUMPAGES" or text as appropriate.

    In case I use the InputTextFieldName function, the font of the variable is not resumed. The result is always in Arial, Size 11, Color Black.
    When I assign my text to the StringValue property, the original font is always preserved.

    How to apply the original font to the new field created ?

    Thank you for your reply.


    In a TWRichtext document, I integrated an EMF image.

    When I print this document on my printer, this image is correct.
    When I print this document to PDF Creator, my image is also correct.
    When I directly generate a PDF with WPDF, my image is degraded.

    I use the following code :

    1. TWPPDFExport *pdf = NULL;
    2. pdf = new TWPPDFExport(NULL);
    3. pdf->Source = reCourrier; //The TWPRichText
    4. pdf->Filename = SaveDialog1->FileName; /
    5. pdf->Print();

    I have not found an option to influence the export of EMFs in the pdf file. Is there a solution ?

    To help you, you can download this link: EDIT - download link removed -
    - EICF546.tmp.EMF: The file that I integrate with TWPRichEdit
    - WPDF Result.png: A screenshot of the PDF obtained with wPDF.

    Thank you for help.

    I use a TWPStyleScroller, and when the text size is too large, it is not displayed, making it impossible to use the component.

    Here is an example that works :

    And now, putting the font size at 28:

    Even worse, if my font is really too big, it displays several rectangle as if there were plenty of styles.

    There is a solution ?