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    There will be a new demo in time.

    But the demo may only be used for a limited time so it is correct that it expires.

    What happens is that I did not know of that expiration time and installed the suite on vacation.

    So I couldn't get the most out of it. Is there a possibility to extend the time of the DEMO that I have installed?


    I am using the DEMO to show my client that with WPTools I can solve the need he has.

    The sign indicating "DEMO" is no problem, since afterwards the customer will buy the components. But today it no longer allows me to write in runtime and tells me that the DOCX class cannot be loaded. Is there a way to fix this without having to buy the component yet?

    Hello everyone, I am using the DEMO, trying to show a functionality that I saw my client, but I still do not understand how to use ...

    Is WPReporter available on FMX?

    For your attention, thank you very much.

    Same for me and I use the Enterprise edition of 10.3.3.

    I put the path in "Search Path" of the OSX64 and the compiler says:

    "[dccosx64 Fatal Error] WPToolsFMX_WordU1.pas (10): F2613 Unit 'FMX.WPRuler' not found."