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    Note this is a repost from wptools5 forum as I made a mistake, sorry

    I needed to change the default bullets to use a much smaller bullet than the default on,
    This is the code I am using to get the bullets I want: (sets all bullet styles to the same style), this code is called when I clear the Document (called ParaText)

    This works fine when editing the document and when previewing or printing.

    Now as soon as I saveToFile, making sure it is in RTF format, if I reopen the document all bullets are lost (ie the formatting of the line stays, but the bullet itself does not show)

    This is the code I am using to change the bullets.

    I have only just realised that this is happening, and we now have hundreds of docs w/o bullets, which is a big issue (for my client)

    I am using wpTools 6 on D2010 and tried downloading today 6.11 from April 2010 and it does not make a difference.

    Any idea ?

    thanks in advance


    Selecting a different paper bin for the 1st page and the subsequent pages has proved to be a bit of a headache, working on some printers, not others, not always etc ....

    This is a fix for D2010 (and I suspect D2009 too) :

    in WPCTRMEMO, the function ResetDCA is declared and it's declaration is wrong compared to the resetDCA function present in windows.pas; even when corrected the function would not work as it expects a pdevicemodeA and we're working with a pdevicemodeW (default in D2010 a pdeviceMode IS a pdevicemodeW)

    so in the function updatePrinterProperties replace the call to

    ResetDCA(aPrinter.Handle, DevMode);


    ResetDC (aPrinter.Handle, devmode^);

    and all should work, at least it works here and at my client's offices.

    For good measure, you should also comment out the resetDCA definition in the sama source file.

    Hope this helps someone


    Latest avaialbe build; it seems that the package is wrong as it looks for WPPDFREG.PAS in \program files\wpdf instead of \program files\wpdf\d2010.

    I just repointed in to the proper path and I could install.

    Just thought I'd share this with you



    I must be daft, but I tried in D2010 and it does not change what I am seeing. Here is what I did, it could be wrong:

    I went to Project Options/Delphi Compiler/condifitonal defines and added VER200; rebuild the project and I am still the same issue



    Sorry it took a bit longer than anticipated to answer you, but we had to evacuate the building because of a gas leak in the basement ....). Anyway,

    I added {$DEFINE VER200} just before the {$I WPINC.INC}

    It now sort of works : when selecting the FR language the following happens

    the File menu stays in English,
    the Edit menu is mostly in French bar the DELETE and SELECT (although it's submenu gets translated)
    All other menus stay in English EXCEPT for the submenus (Insert/select and DELETE) in the table menu;

    Common dialogs remain in English (font, paragraph, border, numbers) except for the window caption which is translated.

    I also tried to select German, in case there was an allergy to French :) and the same happens

    What can I do ? I am supposed to deliver an app on Tuesday, so I'll have to manually translate the dialogs, I guess, but this is not the preferred option.



    I am trying to get the translation to work in the Wordpad 5 demo.

    I tried with WPtool5 in D2007 and it mostly works (although the menus do not get translated),

    but with Wptools6/D2010 no matter how I try to get the translation to work, it does not. I can see the right routines being called, but the dialog forms always appear in English, no matter which langiage I select.

    I surely must have missed on step when setting up WPtools6, but I cannot see which one. can you help?


    Seen that, but as I already have WPTools and WPPDF, I wanted to see if I could avoid the cost of WPViewPDF PLUS as it is a minor stuff for my client. :)

    then I don't understand why the flicker appears in 5 unless the behavoir underlying wpfusekerning has been backported to 5 in the most recent releases.

    I have regrattably deleted all previous versions of 5; anyway I could get my hands on an 'old' one ? to check


    Sorry to have tagged it as urgent, but I have 30+ users waiting on this one.

    Since the last release of WP, my users are experiencing a flicker on the first lines of a paragraph while they are typing.

    to reproduce is easy; drop a tWprichtext on a form; double click on it with starts the default editor and type a paragraph of several lines; the longer the words, the more visible it will be: when you type after the first few lines, the first lines of the paragraph are quickly flickering whilst the paragraph is being repainted.

    I am sure there is a setup somewhere I am not aware of, but I cannot find it.

    Note it seems to happen with V5 (the one I have got) and V6 (my client bought that version). on XP and Vista. It is more visible with Times New Roman font, but also happens on Arial.

    Any help will be very much appreciated


    Weird ...

    It looks like we've narrowed the issue as coming from Vista 64 bits, using Times new Roman font.

    Same app, recompiled on XP works fine; Same app on Vista 64, using Arial font works fine.

    Still interested in my question though: what makes WPDF split a text into several pdf fields ?

    bit more information : starting from the SAME document template, with merge fields; I did check two different pdfs data coming from 2 different databases.

    the one which is fine looks like this

    -0.25 Tw -1953 -173 Td(NAME AND ADDRESS OF INSURED)Tj
    -0.2 Tw 1953 0 Td(Please DO NOT USE )Tj
    -0.5 Tw 0 -111 Td(The Blue House )Tj
    0 Tw 0 -111 Td(King Street )Tj
    0 -111 Td(West Malling )Tj
    0 -111 Td(Kent )Tj
    0 -111 Td(ME19 4QT)Tj

    the one which does not look fine is

    2 Tc -1953 -173 Td(NAME)Tj
    0 Tc -4 Tw 294 0 Td( AND)Tj
    1 Tw 241 0 Td( ADDRESS)Tj
    -9 Tw 481 0 Td( OF)Tj
    1 Tw 153 0 Td( INSURED)Tj
    -1.2 Tc 0 Tw 784 0 Td(Please)Tj
    0 Tc 255 0 Td( DO)Tj
    1 Tw 169 0 Td( NOT)Tj
    5 Tw 230 0 Td( USE)Tj
    0 Tw 214 0 Td( )Tj
    25 0 Td( )Tj
    9.5 Tc -893 -111 Td(The)Tj
    0 Tc 1 Tw 155 0 Td( Blue)Tj
    -1.75 Tc -12.5 Tw 214 0 Td( House )Tj
    0.33333 Tc 0 Tw -369 -111 Td(King)Tj
    -1.35714 Tc -12.5 Tw 200 0 Td( Street )Tj

    The Blue House is a merge field in the RTF.

    With my *limited* knowledge of the PDF format, I can see that there are splits which should not occur: so the question is what makes Wpdf split a string in several components or not ?

    I upgraded my clients to 3.51 and they have started reporting that spaces are sometimes missing between words. for example the RTF says

    "The client is happy" and the PDF will says "The client ishappy". It seems to happen more often after 'is', but this is not constant.

    I am using D2007 and have not touched the PDF export in my program, just replaced the dll with the new one.

    Any idea ? what can I do to help pinpointing the issue ?


    Edit: I had a call from my users and they say that even reverting to the old WPF DLL does not change anything, they are still having that issue.

    A bit late .... but what I have in in TS is that the dictionary does not get written to when there are several users using it. (you can even try with one exe started twice in windows: no user can add a word to the dictionnary.

    I believe that the solution is to put the dictionnary into each user's my document folder.