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    (1) In the HyperlinkEvent I would like to change the color of the hyperlink text to indicate to the user that this hyperlink has already been selected. This behavior is consistent with web-browser behavior.

    How do I do this in the Hyperlink event code?]

    Since there was no function for this I added one to unit WPRich.PAS. (Will be in V4.20a and later) If you paste the following code you can use it in the HyperlinkEvent:

    Quote from mphilbrick

    (2) I want to prevent the user from being able to select the same hyperlink twice. What is the best way to mark the hyperlink so I can check to see if it was already selected? If the color is changed as indicated above, what code could I use to determine the current color of the clicked hyperlink in the HyperlinkEvent code?

    You can modify the code above to remove the afsHyperlink style. That would solve the problem, too : exclude(pa^.style, afsHyperlink)



    Is there a version of WPTools for Kylix (Linux)?

    Over here a lot of government departments (e.g. City of Munich, Police of Sachsen) want to use Liniux, too. But no - there is no WPTools version for Linux.

    During the RTF to PDF export the event <b>AfterStartPage</b> is triggered. This event can be used to export an image.
    - well - this workes fine with VC, VB etc - with .NET I just found out that during the RTF export the .NET component does not recognizte that the page is actually open.
    I send you the updated .NET module.

    >>I need delete (in code) generic embeed objects from a document.

    The problem is that the Delete() and DeleteObject() from TextObjects collection in TWPRichText don't erase the object from de document. The "erased" objects stay in and showing in document.

    <b>How I can delete embeed objects from document (checks, combos, memos and edits)???</b><<

    The objects are not deleted as long as they remain in the undo buffer.

    Since it does no harm if only the ObjectReference (PTTextObj) stays allocated and 'obj' is nil - you can do a

    PTTextObj^.obj := nil;


    >>I see that the <b>DELETE key</b> don't work in TWPRichText. This problem is for same setting wrong?<<

    Please check if you have created an action or menu item which uses the delete key as short cut.

    >>Other question is how change name and text of an EditField dinamically in code? <<

    There is a set of procedures designed for that:

    <pre>function ReadFieldText(const fieldname: string): string;
    procedure GetFields(list: TStrings);
    function GetFieldName(tag: Integer): string;
    function GetPreviousFieldName(par: PTParagraph; lin: PTLine; pos: Integer): string;
    function CurrentEditField: string;
    // EditField Support
    function MoveToField(const fieldname: string; from_start: Boolean): Boolean;
    function MoveToNextField(from_start: Boolean): string;
    function MoveToPreviousField(from_end: Boolean): string;
    function DeleteFieldAtCP: Boolean;
    function SelectFieldAtCP: Boolean;</pre>

    Please note that the <i>tag</i> is CPChar^.Tag. Using this tag you can access the linked list WPRichText1.Memo.InsertPointList and change there the strings[tag] property.


    Quote from Jeremy

    1. Using techniques from your demos, I can edit header, footer, body. However, after saving the rtf doc, header and footer appear to be blank. If I reload the doc from the file, they magically reappear. What am I doing wrong

    I check that out - but I assume a ReformatAll is needed somewhere to recalculate the heihht of the "special texts".

    Quote from Jeremy

    2. In any case, the header & footer do not show up in the preview dialog & I have not discovered any properties that control this behavior. Note that if I am editing the header & then do a preview, the header is what I see in the preview. Likewise the other parts. But I cannot get all 3 parts to show in the preview all at once.

    I think it is the same as in 1) Did you check out the sourefile wpManHeadFoot.pas - it is used by 'wpdemo' for manage header/footer menu.

    I hope this helps,

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