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    I just converted some parts of my application to GDI+ but the pdf export (only the pdf export) makes some unexpected things

    After the first rectangle, the lines are draw incorrectly

    i can send you the pdf if you need them


    ah, just saw, that it seems to work ...

    but an other question, is it possible, to compress the data?
    i can see all in the pdf is plain data, if i view a pdf exported by corel & co, the data is in compressed form

    I still have the troubles that the PDFWatermark didn't work - and now i tried to generate the watermark with an SVG Image, which i will print before the real pdf data.

    The output looks good, but because of the pdf engine didn't work with GDI+, i has to convert the SVG into a GDI EMF.
    the problem is, that the size of the pdf grows (needing about 280kb instead of 44kb) if i compare the output from coreldraw
    the second problem is, that every text is transformed into curves and therefore i can't select the text in the pdf the anymore.

    Just downloaded the newest version and installed in Delphi (2007)
    got following error :

    1. if wpShowPageSelection in x then inc(a, 16); if wpShowPageMultiSelection in x then inc(a, 32);

    1. [DCC Fehler] WPViewPDF1.pas(365): E2003 Undefinierter Bezeichner: 'wpShowPageSelection'
    2. [DCC Fehler] WPViewPDF1.pas(366): E2003 Undefinierter Bezeichner: 'wpShowPageMultiSelection'

    i replaced in both lines the show from wpShow....
    after that compiledwithout errors ...

    It didn't work both versions didn't work


    is there an option for always include a font?

    i use a Barcode font, which is only loaded temporary (with AddFontMemResourceEx) - this font should always be included.

    i has noticed, that there exists an additional parameter wpEmbedSymbolTrueTypeFonts, how knows the pdf engine, that it is a symbolic font?


    Is it possible to add a page break in the merge field?

    I tried the char #12 (which is used for page break), but i didn't get the page break.

    Why can't i read the FAQ here in the forum (i get the error - only moderators can read this forum)

    I has a page break in a table (an automatically page break), and if i use the normal layout, the table is broken into two tables, und the top of the second table is some pixel over the bottom of the first table.

    for better understanding, look at the two images :

    and now with pagelayout normal :

    It seems, that the changing the width of table cells didn't check the Changing event.
    Same as pressing the TAB KEy in a table (for creating a new row) didn't call the changing event.

    i found the problem

    i has a component Envision, for some bitmap operation
    and int he initialization section the component registers itself as Format for the CF_BITMAP

    1. TPicture.RegisterClipboardFormat(CF_BITMAP, TDibGraphic);

    and than the WPRichEdit, can Paste the image, the image is showed correctly, but can't save the image (neiter into file nor for clipboard)

    i have removed the RegisterClipboardFormat, and now all works as it should.

    i tried some thing, and stepped through the sourcecode (specially the PasteFromClipboard) to see the difference between a simple demo and my application.

    I pasted the identicallly image into both, my application and the simple demo.

    In the demo :

    1. function TWPObjectEnv.NewWPObjectFromData( DontFreeData: Boolean; var data: TPersistent; var newobj: TWPObject; var w: Integer; var h: Integer): Boolean;...begin ... if data is TBitmap then begin ext := 'BMP';

    data is a TBitmap

    in my application

    1. else if data is TGraphic then
    2. begin

    data is a TGraphic

    no, i tried to save it as WPT and RTF

    if i copy and paste the pasted image in the WPEditor again, i only get an empty frame for an image.

    i define the PNGLIB and try it again

    [edit]I am using GraphicEx (and compiled it with the compiler switch GRAPHICEX)... do i need PNGLIB ?
    [edit]for my printpreview, i made a new windows and assign the Data with AsString to a new WPRichEditor ... therefore is didn't see the image in the printpreview

    In my editor i have the problem, if i paste an image from an other application, that i get the image shown, but in print preview or after save on load the imagedata isn't there anymore. (I only see the border of the image)
    Insert an image from file works fine.

    In the demo it works ... therefore i think i have missed some settings but didn't find which ....


    If i set the ReadOnly of the Editor, i still can do :

    • Change Font name
    • Font Color
    • Font Size
    • Font Background
    • Paragraph Background
    • Change Text with the Spellchecker
    • Undo/Redo

    do i have to control these actions manually ?