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    I am using mailmerge in WPTools 7 to insert HTML tables into a document, it works very good except for two things that just wouldn't work:

    1. Repeat header of the table on subsequent pages

    2. paint borders only between rows not around the table.

    Any hint is very appreciated!



    I came over a problem when users fax directly out of my application and hope there is a way to solve it: The fax driver tries to make raster images out of grey shades text and this makes parts of the document invisible. This is clearly related to the fax printer driver.

    Is it possible to make wptools turn everything to black into a document what is not white or transparent? Unfortunately the fax solution has no option to do that. I hate blaming things on other software instead I want to deliver solutions ;-)



    In my application I export WPTOOLS-documents directly to PDF (WPDF3, now WPDF4) but some graphics are crippeled like this:

    I tried with the demo and could export the document correctly with the WPTools-Premium Demo app, this seems to work, so I bought a wpPDF4 upgrade. Unfortunately the problem persists. If I import the same rtf into my application.

    I temporarily solved the problem by removing the JPG image, converting it to PNG and reinserting ist. The PDF also dropped in size from 3MB to 450KB! I also tried to export the jpg from Photoshop with different settings and size, the problem persists. An other graphic (also jpg) in the same document prints well. To a normal printer everything prints fine.

    I tried all avaliable wpdf4 options but to no avail. So I suspect it must be a setting in my source WPTOOLS component that creates this error as it seems to export correctly in the wptools7 premium demo app (I also use the latest wptools 7 version).

    As my customer created hundreds of documents with this template, we cannot replace the graphic in all of them for archiving. That's why I have to find a solution.

    Sorry having bugged here!

    Next time I will first look into my code more deeply! I create the lists from a a kind of HTML by code and used chr(149) instead of ansichar(149) for the bullets. Overseen when migrating from Delphi 2007 to XE6...



    Thanks. I just discovered an other major difference: I load the rtf-template from a string from the database whereas in wordprocessing I load them from files! I will first check if this causes the problems.


    Since I migrated my application from Delphi 2007 to Delphi XE6 I have a problem within my report generator: Bullets are suddenly converted to ?. While bulleting work well in the word processor (also wp7) in the application, the report generator (same wp7 version) converts the bullets of merged rtf with bullets int ?.

    I tried to compare the settings of the two editboxes but did not find any significant dufferences.

    Can I set a default bullet font for an edit box or do a bulk change after merge to correct that?

    Thanks for help


    As I found the answer on my own I post in english to make the solution available to more people.

    I replaced

    1. ... obj.ObjRef.LoadFromFile(tempdir + s);...


    1. ...
    2. obj.ObjRef:=wpLoadObjectFromFile(wp,tempdir + s,false);
    3. ...

    and now the new pictures are saved by wp.saveToFile(...).

    ich nutze WPTools für einen Briefgenerator, bei dem Platzhaltergrafiken bei der Serienbrieferstellung über ObjCallback mit den richtigen Grafiken versehen werden. Das klappt perfekt, aber diese Grafiken werden nicht gespeichert. Wenn ich das Dokument speichere und später wieder aufrufe, ist wieder nur die Platzhaltergrafik enthalten. Manuell eingefügte Grafiken werden perfekt gespeichert. Was mache ich falsch?


    is there a simple way to visualize diff between two versions of a text document within wptools? What I would like to do is to

    - compare plain text (strip all formatting) by paragraphs and visualize the changed areas
    - find deleted/changes/added objects like embedded pictures and mark them too

    My (design) approach would be to collect all paragraphs and objects in a memory table while stripping the format, compare paragraphs with the longest common sequence algorithm and objects by content and write the results back to the memorytable too. Unforunately I have no Idea on how to reflect that back into the document. How can I also store references to the paragraphs? This might be crap, perhaps someone already has realized that?

    Any help is VERY appreciated! Thanks!

    Is it possible to react on the user marking a merge variable and feed this into a property editor to allow editing parameters?

    I have a lot of attributes coded in the merge variables (g.G. Page break before, Title, suppress title if empty and so on). I a user wants to change only one attribute he currently has to delete the variable and reinsert it with the correct settings.

    Thanks for Help!

    Me again ;-)

    Is it possible to disallow editing witin the <<MERGEFIELD>> as my users sometimes type text in those field within the template and get undesired results. It would be great if they were read onlky and only deletable as a whole.

    Found a solution on my own as I can modify the size of the object via obj.width/height. Didn't find that attributes in obj.objRef... Perhaps this saves someone valuable time:

    Before changing the contents the systems saves the files into tempdir that is transported to that snipped wia attribute url. In case the file does not exist, a small transparent png is loaded.

    I use WPTextObject as placeholder in a template and repace the content with

    wpView.RTFData.LoopAllObj(nil, ObjCallback);



    (thanks once more for pointing me at this cool functionality).

    I am now working on retaining the aspect ratio of the content I insert as this may vary I would like to scale it that it fits into the rectangle given by the object in the template. Currently it is stretched to completely fill the area. Is there an easy way to achieve this?