Commands 11-23: SyntaxHighlight, Selection, Background Gradient

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Command ID: 11

The result is 1 if currently text is selected.


Command ID: 12

Selects the internal Syntax Highlighting

paramA = 0 - disables the highlighting,

paramA = 1 - selects the HTML / XML highlighter. (Attributes are applied to the text)


Obsolete - more functionality has been implemented with TextCommandStr!

Please see TextCommandStr ID 16 - Syntax Highlighting for more features and other modes.


Command ID: 13

Combines all adjacent tables. Returns number of combined tables.


Command ID: 14

Tries to create merged cells for cells which are wider than the others in a column. Returns the count of changed tables.


Command ID: 15

See Command ID 15 - Update ShowFields Mode


Command ID: 16

Forces the update of the attributes provided by CurSelAttr


Command ID: 17

Returns the number of milliseconds which elapsed since the completion of the last user keyboard or mouse interaction. This can be useful to start background tasks only in idle phases.


Command ID: 18 - reformat

Starts the reformat of the text in the next idle phase


ParamA = 0: Works like Memo.Reformat


ParamA can be used to force the editor to formatting of all paragraphs:

if bit 1 is set: Format all paragraphs

if bit 2 is set: Initialize all paragraphs

if bit 3 is set: The "SpellAsYouGo" markers in all paragraphs are removed


Command ID: 19

Returns the number of items on the undo stack.


Command ID: 20

Sets the second color "ColorDesktopTo" to draw a gradient in the background. The start color is ColorDesktop.

If the parameter paramB is <> 0, the gradient will be horizontal.




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