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The toolbar plays an important role in an application. It is usually the first thing the user sees and has a high influence on the impression the application makes.


The main toolbar can be fully configured, which does only include the selection and order of the buttons, but also the changing of the images displayed inside the buttons.


Like popular word processing applications TextDynamic has also additional tool panels which are located in the lower left, upper right and lower right corner. This smaller toolbars can be configured as well. Also drop down menus and drop down toolbars are supported by the concept.




Main Toolbar (above of ruler):



Example for Drop-Down Toolbar:



a) upper right panel ("PanelV1")

b) lower right panel ("PanelV2")

c) lower left Panel ("PanelH1")



Designing such a user interface can be painful - but not with TextDynamic.


The user interface is loaded from a separate "PCC" file. This file is created by the "WPCubed Packagefile Manager". We include a sample file which should solve most needs. It is easy to add and remove certain buttons. The included PCC file (buttons.PCC) already contains more than 100 modern glyphs in the size 24x24 and 16x16 pixels. With the licensed version it is possible to save the existing glyphs as a PNG file and change it according the demands. So it is possible to only update some of the glyphs and reuse the others.


We use XML to initialize the toolbars - the PCC file includes one ore more "editlayout" scripts. The script contains the description of buttons and drop down elements which are connected to certain "wpa" actions (see wpa-list)


The PCC file can be protected using a password. The password is provided encrypted to the control to allow the PCC file to be loaded. If the password is lost, the PCC file cannot be opened anymore. (The demo version of  TextDynamic does not use passwords.)


The user interface has to be initialized using the method SetLayout. This method will load a package file.


Please note - it is not allowed to distribute the Packagefile-editor to end users. It may only be used by licensed developers.


Please also see the FAQ: Configure the Editor

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