PDFEncryption / Permission

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in the OCX this is property "SECURITY_PERMISSION"

This property can be used to switch off copying or printing for the created PDF file. If you don't specify an owner password it will be auto-created once you set this property<>0.

 Bit 1: enabled,

 bit 2: Enable Printing,

 bit 3: Enable Changing,

 bit 4: Enable Copying,

 bit 5: Enable Forms.

         bit 6: LowQualityPrintOnly

         bit 7: EnableDocAssembly

         bit 8: EnableFormFieldFillIn

         bit 9: EnableAccessibilityOp


You can also use SetIProp(pdf, 5, x);


Don't forget to also set bit 1 in property "Permission" to make the encryption work.


If you use the new PDFCreator interface, please see "Protection"

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