CharAttrIndex Property

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Index of the attribute record which holds character properties.

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int CharAttrIndex;


The TextDynamic word processing engine stores the attributes of characters in attribute records. This records hold 16 different attributes.


To reduce memory consumption the text only contains the reference, the index value, of the attribute record.


This property can be read and written. After you have assigned an index value you can use methods such as GetFontFace to read the actually used property elements. Methods such as InsertText can use such index values, as well. This makes it possible, if you intend to create text in program code, to first create a set of index values for different parts of the text and then use this pre calculated index values when creating the text.

Please note that the Attribute array is cleared when the the text is cleared.


The interface IWPAttrInterface can be also used to manipulate the current style In this case it is not possible to read CharAttrIndex. The interface is only used as helper to set font attributes, a index into the attribute cache is not created in this case.


This interface is also used to manipulate a "current" paragraph (Memo.CurrPar or RTFDataBlock.CurrPar). In this case reading CharAttrIndex will return the value which was applied last, it is the "default" attribute for a paragraph .


Character Attributes

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