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string Name;


The name can be used to locate a certain data block to be used as header or footer.


This code creates a new header text. The text which is assigned to "Text" may be RTF text or may contain HTML formatting tags and the following proprietary closed HTML tags: pagenr, pagecount, tab and field.


<pagenr/>: Print the current page number

<pagecount/>: Print the page count

<tab/>: Insert a tabchar and create a tabstop: left, right, center, decimal=twips-value

<field/>: create a merge field. Use name and command parameter.


// Create a custom header which will be printed only on page #2

IWPDataBlock block = wpdllInt1.Memo.BlockAdd(



     "CUSTOM", 0);


block.Text = "Custom <b>Header</b><tab right=9000/>page <pagenr>/<pagecount>";



This event handler selects the "custom" header for page number 2 only.

private void wpdllInt1_OnGetSpecialText(

  object Sender,

  int Editor,

  int PageNr,

  WPDynamic.DataBlockKind Kind,

  ref int SelectedID)






     "CUSTOM" // name to find




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